A younger view of Lefkada

Carlos Williams, aged 7, shares his thoughts of Lefkada, Greece.


Lefkada is a beautiful Greek island loved for its turquoise waters. I loved Kathisma beach with its big waves. It’s very shingly you might want to buy beach shoes. The Twelve Gods restaurant in Sivota served yummy food. I really liked the lamb chops. The waterfalls in Nydri are amazing! It’s best to go in Spring, there is a chance that in summer they can dry up but when we went in early August they were still quite deep. You can bathe in them but they are very cold. Afteli Beach is quite small and has a very winding road to get there but there are lots of fish in the waters. I wouldn’t go there because of the road, it felt like I was going to fall off! It was very crowded as well. You can hire a boat for the entire day, and visit lots of islands and beaches, I really enjoyed it and you can go with friends too. It was very hot in Lefkada, even in the evening.


Mousses Resort

It is a beautiful resort, with a brilliant swimming pool and a fun kids club. I made lots of friends whilst I was there and I could run around at night because I felt free and safe. It had really big gardens and some lovely fruit trees. Every few days we got to watch a movie with popcorn, we even had a popcorn fight and parents got free time to themselves. The people were really nice and I loved the villa, it was really welcoming. I’d love to go back!