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Relax and unwind at The Rou Estate with a massage or treatment.

    Paid locally
WESTERN MASSAGES* (details below)    
Aromatherapy 60min 70
Aromatherapy 80min €85
Swedish 60’                                 60min €65
Swedish 45’ 45min €50
Back massage + Head and Face 45min €50
Traditional Thai massage 80min 85
Thai foot massage 40min 55
Ayurvedic massage 70min 80
Hot stone massage 75min 80
Salt/sugar body scrub + back and neck massage 70min €75
Salt/sugar body scrub + aromatherapy 90min €95
Yoghurt mask + sugar body scrub 70min €75
Seaweed mask + salt/sugar body scrub 70min €75
Soothing face treatment with oatmeal 50min 65
Natural face lifting treatment 50min 65

* Treatments are only available to those over 18 years of age.


For more information about each individual treatment please download our Rou Spa Treatment List