The perfect masseria in Puglia: Masseria Le Torri

The Archers' Timothy Watson and his wife Helen, long-time Simpson Travellers, leave the children at home to celebrate 15 years of marriage at Masseria Le Torri.

We haven’t been away without our children since they arrived and it was with a certain sense of guilt that we abandoned them (into very capable hands) and headed for Simpson Travel’s exquisite Masseria Le Torri to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

"Do you think they’ll ever forgive us?" asked Helen, as we caught our first glimpse of the white walls rising majestically above the ancient olive groves and dazzling against the bluest of skies... "Who?" I said.

It’s amazing how quickly one can adapt.


Masseria Le Torri is perfectly situated in the heart of the Puglian countryside, within easy striking distance of the many delights the region has to offer. And if (like us) you are in need of a bit of R&R between your explorations, you couldn’t choose a better base than here. 



We arrived mid-afternoon and felt an instant sense of retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Beautifully renovated with charming attention to detail, the nine suites evoke an immediate sense of privacy. Whitewashed walls and stone floors are the perfect back-drop for huge comfy beds, sumptuous soft furnishings and stunning individual touches which make it feel both luxurious and homespun all at once. And the communal areas feel personal too. The place has an almost ethereal quality, elegantly grounded by a simple planting scheme. The soft muted greens of cactus, lavender, rosemary and sage produce a wonderfully restful effect on the eyes and a calming effect on the soul.


The pool is an oasis of tranquility. Set in its own lovely courtyard, it’s a place to nod off, to read a book, or order a little something from the bar. We variously did all three and really enjoyed the luxury of swimming without the chaos that comes with over-excited children – our own or anyone else’s!

But it’s not merely the absence of children that makes this such a restful place to spend a holiday for two; there is also a wonderful sense of harmony. The owners, Mimmo and Silvana, have blended the Masseria’s 17th-century origins with contemporary chic to strike all the right notes in all the right places. They’ve kept the ancient heart of the farmhouse beating strong and we left feeling restored and extremely touched by the beauty of the place.



If you are an unencumbered newlywed or empty-nester or simply have a reason to celebrate somewhere undeniably romantic, then a more relaxing, arresting place you couldn’t hope to find.