Travel apps: your essential holiday guide

There are thousands of travel-related apps available, but which ones actually make life a little easier or add to the experience of being away?


Ever wonder what happened to postcards? This app brings the tradition back to life, allowing you to upload holiday photos that are then printed as postcards with your personal message and addressed and sent anywhere in the world. The app is free and the cards cost around £3 to send: pricier than the average card but an easy way to let Granny know she is being remembered!


Claiming to know more than 300’000 peaks, this fun app helps you identify whatever hill or mountain you are looking at, simply by pointing your phone at it. The app runs entirely offline once you’ve installed it, so no nasty data roaming charges to contend with.


Most travel experiences are virtually paperless these days, so here’s a handy app to help you keep track of all your confirmation documents. You can also sync with your online calendar, and share your itinerary with others – the premium version will even tell you if your travel plans are likely to be disrupted.


Ok, so this one's a bit marmite, but if you love lists, this app will make packing a breeze. You can customize your lists based on a wide range of criteria, from who’s going to what the weather will be like and what you plan to do while you’re away. The American English might raise a smile, but it’s a useful little tool.


A quick, easy way to check how strong the sun is going to be, which you can personalise by entering your location and skin type. The app gives you a daily forecast and will even remind you when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. It might even persuade your teenagers that suncream is a good idea!