Travelling with children: tips for a stress-free holiday

Getting the balance between happy children and relaxed parents on holiday is not always easy, but Jessica Sutton, mother of three and our Overseas Manager based in Dalyan in Turkey, knows what it takes to entertain young ones in the sun.

Holidays are meant to be fun for all the family, but if a trip abroad with little ones still seems a daunting prospect, take a look at some of Jessica’s top tips for travelling with children:

1. Show nervous children pictures of where they’ll be staying and get them excited about the places they’re going to see. Perhaps read a story or watch a film set at your destination, or show them one of our videos.

2. Find the children’s play areas at the airport and burn energy before boarding! Keep them entertained on the flight with books and sticker albums. Wrap a few activities and reveal in stages!

3. If your toddlers are nervous about flying try watching ‘Peppa Pig: The Holiday’ and reading ‘The Noisy Airplane Ride’ to help them know what to expect when travelling.

4. If you have a small baby screaming on the plane, try placing warm, wet tea bags in a plastic cup and covering your baby’s ears – might sound strange, but it works!

5. Take a pair of swim shoes to the beach to protect delicate feet from pebbles and hot sand. Sun protection is essential: UV sunsuits are convenient, but you'll need high factor sunscreen and a hat too, and it's best to stay out of the sun completely between 11 and 3.

6. Keep days leisurely and avoid unnecessary stress with a daily siesta. If your toddler thinks they’re too old for naps, bring some films or books from home and enjoy some calm, down-time together.

7. Bring a first-aid kit, Calpol and pull-ups. Long journeys, unfamiliar beds and new places can be a little overwhelming for even potty-trained children. Being prepared will keep children cheerful.

8. To get children to be adventurous with their food, why not research local specialties before you leave, and perhaps have a go at making some at home? 

9. If you’re at Mousses Villas, make the most of our Simpson Crèche and Children’s Club. Family time is more enjoyable if you’re feeling refreshed and your children will have fun too.

10. Last, but definitely not least, make sure you enjoy yourself – you deserve it. It might take a little more planning when you are travelling with children, but the good memories always eclipse the odd moment of madness!