A taste of the Mediterranean

Eating is an unhurried family affair in the Mediterranean; lunches are long and leisurely and traditional recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. It’s a place where good food doesn’t just fill your plate, it invites an appetite for life. Here we bring you some deliciously simple recipes to help you bring a taste of the Mediterranean into every mouthful.

A taste of Corsica

Corsica is an extraordinary island of idyllic unspoilt beaches, dramatic misty mountains and a robust cuisine steeped in traditions of the past. There are weekly food markets in most towns and smaller local supermarkets often have whole aisles dedicated to homemade produce. Meals here are rustic and hearty with a unique blend of French and Italian influences. Try these delicious Courgette Farcies, served with a fresh tomato salad for a taste of the Île de Beauté.


A taste of Greece

Greek cuisine is wonderfully uncomplicated. The simple, pure flavours of olive oil, lemon and wild herbs are combined with exceptional homegrown produce and the fruits of the azure sea to create one of the healthiest diets in the world. Recipes are steeped in tradition and a passion for regional ingredients and age-old methods prevail. Life is lived around the table and meals are typically shared with gossip and good times. Try these tempting Pork Souvlaki Skewers served with tzatziki, charred red peppers, thinly sliced red onion and warm pita bread.


A taste of Mallorca

Mallorqúin cooking is a melting pot of homegrown traditions, fused with Moorish and Catalan culinary influences. The Moors added rice, citrus fruits, almonds, currants pine nuts and saffron to the cooking pot to create robust recipes rich in olive oil, spice and sweet-savoury taste combinations. Later, the Catalonians added a sophisticated Spanish style and New World ingredients such as pimentón (smoky paprika) and tomatoes. Try Salsa Mallorquina Baked with Cod served on a bed of steamed chard or spinach and bring the unique taste of Mallorca to your kitchen.


A taste of Turkey

Turkey is a foodie's heaven, tailor-made for stimulating the taste buds. At the heart of Turkish cookery is the concept of meze: small hot and cold dishes, invariably vegetarian, which are full of tantalising tastes and served before the main course. Oven-warm fresh bread is always at hand to scoop up every last morsel but be sure to leave room for a choice of succulent chargrilled kebabs, slow-cooked stews or grilled fish simply cooked with a brush of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. Try our colourful Jewelled Pilav served with olives and feta cheese for a taste of Turkey at your table.


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