Discovering the Corfu Trail

Think of a holiday in Corfu and you’ll probably conjure up images of luxury villas, limpid clear water and perhaps even its elegant Venetian capital, but did you know that this island is also a wonderful destination for walkers?

The Corfu Walking Trail was established in 2001. It’s a long-distance footpath of approximately 220km, which runs the length of Corfu, from the white cliffs near Arkoudillas in the south to the wild coastline of Cape Agia Ekatirini in the far north. The trail meanders through all the island's rural districts and takes in beauty spots, beaches, villages, monuments, and monasteries. The route is conveniently broken down into a series of 11, one-day walks combining the most beautiful seashores and landscapes. Some keen walkers cover the entire distance during their holiday, but many people prefer to tackle one or two sections and spend the rest of the time relaxing by the villa pool or at the beach.

The paths are way-marked with CT yellow signs placed in strategic locations on the route. The northern sections of Corfu Trail are the ones most easily accessible from our villas in Nissaki and Agios Stephanos. Here the path skirts the slopes of Mount Pantokrator, Corfu’s highest peak, and you can trek up to Taxiarchis Chapel, which nestles under the summit. For a less strenuous option, take the coastal route from Kaminaki to Kentroma, but whichever you chose, this trail is a uniquely peaceful way to discover a whole new side to the island of Corfu.

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