Holiday packing tips

Holiday packing can be a bit of a chore, especially if you are doing it for the whole family, so we’ve asked around our frequent-flying friends and family-members for their most useful packing tips.

Pack outfits not items

Summer holiday dressing shouldn’t be a chore, and if you lay out your clothes as outfits before you pack, you’ll minimise on the amount you have to take as you’ll already have pre-selected things that work well together.

Hit the ground swimming

If you’re travelling with children, make sure their swim things are at the top of the case or even in their hand luggage. This way they can get straight into the pool the moment you arrive without having to wait for you to unpack – just don’t forget the sunscreen in all the excitement.

Make order from chaos

If your children are sharing a suitcase, invest in some packing cubes. Items can be neatly sorted for each person, plus if you chose different colours then each child knows which items are theirs without having to ask you.

Get smart with your phone

As you are packing, take a photo of your passports, travel insurance and any other key details on your phone just in case any of them get mislaid while you are away. It won’t get you through passport control but can make life a lot easier if you need to replace items.

Less is more

Coco Chanel famously advised always removing the last accessory you put on before you go out, and the same applies to packing. Lay out everything you think you’ll need, then put back at least a quarter of it, even for the children. If you’re really not sure, ask us about which villas have a washing machine.