Out of the mouths of babes

Thoughts from our younger guests




Natasha Sholay, our Childcare and Activities Manager, shares some of her favourite reviews from our crèches and children's clubs in Greece.

"I loved jumping into the pool while the grown-ups relaxed." Grace, aged 9

"I love the nannies!" Ella 

"My favourite thing of my holiday is swimming in the pool and playing in the turtles club!" Rosie.

"I loved playing Uno" Elsie

"My favourite thing was going to Turtles Club!" Xavieri

"My favourite holiday memory was swimming in the pool with the inflatables." Teddy, aged 3

"Mummies read their kindles whilst I played in the pool!" Tru, aged 7 

"My favourite memory was paddleboarding in the sea." Chloe, aged 9

"I loved watching flushed away on movie night!" Isla

"I liked going to the beach because we used snorkels and masks to see the fish!" Maggie, aged 7


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