Walking Holiday Reviews

It's the opinion of those who travel with us that really counts. We invite you to take a moment to read through our guest reviews to discover what makes our specialist walking holidays so uniquely rewarding.


"What can I say, other than simply amazing! If you want to really experience Crete then Jonathan offers you the most authentic journey through his walking tours. Full of knowledge, walking with Jonathan is both a history lesson and a spiritual experience being one with natures beauty. Would follow Jonathan wherever he walked and can’t wait to return!"

Michael Hay – describing a walk from our Experience More programme, July 2022

"The walks themselves were well planned, pitched at just the right level, and packed with interest, whether it was regarding the local flora, the countryside in general or the history of the places visited. Every day brought new revelations, quirky details and warm hospitality..."

Nigel Floyd –  Discover Spring in Western Crete, April 2022 

" I was on a walking holiday led by Jonathan Peat, and it was a brilliant experience- Jonathan is so knowledgeable, helpful and caring, both for us as guests and for the success of the programme. The chosen walks gave us the best of the scenery and history, and the lunches were so fresh and delicious, especially the picnic organised by Miriam. I would love to come back next year and do it all again!"

Louise Warburton – Discover Spring in Western Crete, April 2022

"The walking holiday in Western Crete was everything we could have wished for. The guide and his wife were not only brilliant leaders and organisers but also inspiring, as were our fellow guests. We hope to return"

Dorothy Garland – Discover Spring in Western Crete, April 2022


"All the staff were friendly, courteous and professional. Jonathan Peat who lead the walks, supported by his wife Myriam made the holiday. His knowledge of the island and the language was invaluable and he was keen to ensure all were included and were enjoying the holiday. Myriam’s picnic was fantastic as were the lunchtime tavernas.  Alexia was also a delightful host. On the whole it was a wonderful week's holiday."

Howard Jones –  Discover Cretan Easter, April 2022



"Fabulous venue...a labour of love. Was on the walking trip which exceeded expectations. I would happily return.."

P Jones –  Discover Cretan Easter, April 2022