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Why I'll always start my holiday with a five-day quarantine now

The Telegraph, September 2021

We so very nearly cancelled, our long anticipated Apulian villa holiday – in a Trulli, no less – suddenly a little less exciting with the announcement that the Italian government were extending the five-day quarantine to all Brits entering the country.

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How a trip to Paxos cured my fear of the sea

The Telegraph, March 2021

I will be straight with you. I am not a good traveller. I love being away but I am increasingly anxious about all the things that can go wrong. I see swimmers leaping from boats into the sea, and I want to shout " But what about the sharks?"

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Finding holiday happiness with two young children and a mother with Alzheimer's

The Telegraph, January 2021

When I told people that my mother-in-law was accompanying us on a family holiday, the general – well-meaning – assumption was bandied around that we would have had a 'babysitter on tap'. This couldn't be further from the truth, because we're part of what I call the burgeoning 'Sandwich Generation'...

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En Famille in Corsica

Essential Surrey & SW London, March 2019

There is something quite magical about slipping into the cool waters of your own swimming pool early in the day. The sun is up, but not yet scorching, and peace reigns all around.

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Family travel like 'the good old days'

Fabric magazine, February 2019

A cluster of private villas on Zakynthos’ lovely Vassilikos peninsula achieve the seemingly impossible balance of a family friendly holiday that is a genuine treat for adults too.

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Why you should be exploring the beaches and historic towns of Corsica

The I Newspaper, June 2018

The mountain roads on Corsica are unerringly – sometimes unnervingly – serpentine. This results in many a surprise. Sometimes it is a car speeding the other way. Other times it is the instant appearance of another switchback. On this occasion, along the N197 highway north, it was something altogether more joyous: the sun, high, bright and immediately suffusing the car in its warm glow.

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Discover what makes Corsica the perfect holiday destination for families of all ages

Daily Telegraph, March 2018

Hal shoots me a glance which comes as close as the gaze of near-four-year-old boy can to disbelieving cynicism. He is not convinced by my suggestion that Arlo, the titular star of 2015 Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur, might – possibly – be just up the trail. 


Getting off the beaten track in eastern Crete

Daily Telegraph, February 2018

The best restaurant table in the Mediterranean is number 18 at the Chiona taverna on Crete. Probably. My assertion is safe because to challenge it you need to have been there, and so few of you have.


Exploring The Durrells' Corfu

Radio Times Travel, May 2017

I had not been to Corfu since I was 19 and ended up in a place called The Pink Palace, a ramshackle hotel for backpackers. Drinking, wet t-shirt competitions and the kind of fun which did not pay too much heed to classical civilisation was the order of the day.


Falling back in love with Greece

Marie Claire, April 2017

I first fell for Greece as an Interrailing teen. Taking the cattle-ship ferry over from Brindisi on the heel of Italy was a rite of passage back then. But afterwards I kind of forgot about it, flirting instead with Turkey, France and Italy before starting a proper grown-up relationship with Spain and the Balearics. 

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A family head off the beaten track in Corsica

The Independent, 7 June 2016

The road to Cauria is far from smooth or obvious. After a long, suspension-rattling drive down a rutted track, an easily-missed handwritten sign is all that indicates the treasure that rewards a pilgrimage into the sparse Corsican maquis.

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When it comes to family holidays, The Archers' Rob Titchener chooses Mousses in Lefkada

The Telegraph, 18 May 2016

When not ruffling feathers as Rob Titchener on 'The Archers', Timothy Watson dreams of returning to the laid-back, child-friendly island of Lefkada.

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Katy Hill finds family time in Corfu

Family Traveller, 22 March 2016

Summer holiday break-up saw us reconnecting with a family holiday on Corfu, the second-largest of the Ionian islands, just off the northwestern coast of Greece. We’re huge fans of the Greek islands, but this one truly has something special.

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Exploring undiscovered Epirus

The Telegraph, May 2015

With increasingly shaky steps I edged closer to the cliff-face as the path ahead narrowed to a ledge and the first glimpse of the chasm I had travelled across Europe to see revealed itself through the pine trees. 


A review of our White Orchid Hotel in Greece

The Telegraph, January 2015

An adults-only hotel in Epirus, a largely undiscovered corner of the Greek mainland on the border with Albania, White Orchid offers warm service, fabulous Ionian Sea views, calming interiors and a show-stopping infinity pool.

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