Francesco Di Gioia

Operations Manager Puglia


You in a nutshell…

From the age of 18 I travelled all around the world, but I have always loved my country and especially Puglia. We are extremely hospitable and love to introduce our traditions, food and way of life to our guests.

Why do you work in travel?

I love Puglia and working in travel gives me a chance to share my passion with others. I really enjoy taking care of our clients and doing everything I can to ensure they have a simply beautiful holiday.

Why do you love your destination?

In Puglia the weather is fantastic from March to November, we have amazing food, perfect beaches and a wealth of culture at every turn. From Michelin-starred restaurants serving seafood specialities, to rustic trattorias serving simple pasta there are endless options for dining out; and for ancient history you will be spoilt for choice in Puglia, or why not take a trip across the border into Basilicata to visit the unique town of Matera with its extraordinary cave dwellings. Not only was it the European city of culture in 2019, but it's also the setting for the latest James Bond movie.

Your top tip…

Don't forget your sun cream and try to stay as long as you can – once you've experienced Puglia's warm embrace you will long to return as soon as possible.

Not a lot of people know this but…

I am a fully qualified bomb disposal expert!