Claire Carnell

Operations Manager Corsica


You in a nutshell…

I am extremely passionate about Corsica and will never tire of its incredible scenery.

Why do you work in travel?

I have been working in travel on the island for 17 years. My mother is from Corsica and I have been coming here since birth, so combining my roots and my love for the place whilst enabling clients to see the island's beauty for themselves is the perfect job.

Why do you love your destination?

I love Corsica for its wild, savage, unspoilt beauty. It's a beach-lovers dream and aptly named L'ile de Beauté or Kallisté by the ancient Greeks.

Your top tip…

If visiting here in July or August take a visit to the rock pools in the Fango Valley (northern Corsica) or Cavu (southern Corsica) for a great alternative to a beach day.

Not a lot of people know this but…

The Corsican immortelle plant, with its pretty yellow flower and pungent smell, grows in abundance all over the island. It's used by well-known cosmetic companies for its age-defying properties; said to considerably increase the production of collagen, the essential oil is also known for its healing powers and is used to treat bruises and other injuries.