Bev Chadwick

Operations Manager Greece


You in a nutshell…

Always positive with a glass half full attitude! I'm very sociable, love to cook and listen to all genres of music. I hate running but love Zumba!

Why do you work in travel?

Having worked in travel since finishing my studies, I really can't think of another business to be in. I love meeting people and am endlessly interested in them. It's a bug! I just love it!

Why do you love your destination?

I am based in Corfu, located in the Ionian Sea, but have worked in and around the Greek Islands for many years. The Greeks are just such warm, friendly and family orientated folk.

Your top tip…

Fill up your stainless-steel bottle airside at the airport before you fly - for free!

Not a lot of people know this but…

In many of our destinations we can arrange a pre-arrival shopping service. The last thing I want to do when I arrive on holiday is to go and find the best local shop. I like to arrive, open then fridge and pour a glass of decent chilled wine!