Simpson Travel

  • Jewel of the North – Cala San Vicente

    Tucked into a sheltered bay in the far north of Mallorca, Cala San Viçente  is in fact not one but four sensational coves or ‘calas’, each with its own individual appeal. A small resort has grown up around these lovely beaches, largely impervious to the outside world with a timeless atmosphere that draws a loyal following. Read more >

  • Not just a pretty place

    It’s official: ongoing research into health and wellbeing suggests that people really do feel healthier in more scenic locations. Though the benefits of fresh air and an outdoor lifestyle have long been associated with better physical and mental health, it is only recently that scientists have begun to look at the relationship between people and their environment. Read more >

  • Vive La Différence

    Thoughtful, pro-active service is a key part of the Simpson Travel experience, but how do you deliver it to a high standard when your guests are scattered all over a country the size of France? This summer we’re taking a whole new approach to service for guests in our French villas, and the results so far have been very positive indeed. Read more >

  • Full teen ahead

    As a family company, we've experienced all the joys and challenges of travelling with children, and we know that the older they get, the harder they can be to please! Keep the mood light this summer with our teen-friendly holiday ideas. Read more >

  • No more nappies!

    Working with children takes patience, enthusiasm and endless energy, and we go to great lengths to find the very best nannies and club leaders for Simpson Tots to Teens. From young singing talent to straight-talking teens, our Corfu Tribe leader Becky Carruthers tells us why engaging with older children is her dream job. Read more >