Arosmari Village Hotel: Spa

    To be paid locally (credit/debit cards only)
Treatments (details below)    
Classic Partial-Body Massage 30 min           £30
Classic Full-Body Massage  60 min           £50
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage 30 min           £30
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage     60 min           £50
Hot Stones Massage 60 min           £60
Reflexology 15 min           £20
Head Massage 25 min           £30
3 x 30min therapies             £70
2 x 60min therapies             £85
3 x 60min therapies             £120

* Treatments are only available to those over 18 years of age.


  • Classic Partial-Body Massage – relaxing massage for feet and legs, or neck, back and shoulders, using essential oils to release muscle tension
  • Classic Full-Body Massage – relaxing massage to stimulate blood circulation and relax muscles using essential oils
  • Deep Tissue or Sports Massage – specialised massage applied to specific body tissue prone to damage and injuries; massage aimed at increasing flexibility, strength and endurance limits; ideal for guests wishing to receive medium to deep pressure
  • Hot Stone Massage – helps to reduce stress and eliminate muscle stiffness resulting in detoxification and body revitalisation; stones have significant geomagnetic properties of thermal conductivity and are high in iron and magnesium
  • Reflexology – an alternative medicine, a holistic therapy based on the existence of reflex body points using special techniques of pressure, movement and massage, good circulation can be achieved reducing tension, relieving the body of toxins and improving nerve function
  • Head Rejuvenation – massage to relax muscles to release subcutaneous connective tissue which when relaxed and healthy is refilled with water resulting in skin hydration. The face becomes clean and transparent in appearance and the skin becomes more elastic whilst also relieving headaches, migraines, insomnia and cervical syndrome. This method of massage aims to balance facial expression and offers relaxation and wellbeing. 

N.B.  The massage room at Arosmari Village Hotel is air-conditioned.