Loyalty Club Terms and Conditions


  1. Membership can be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Simpson Travel.
  2. In order to be added/remain in the Simpson Travel Loyalty Club, members must meet the below conditions to be considered eligible and must then be approved by the Loyalty Club Concierge.
    • At least one confirmed booking in the last 5 years.
    • Bronze: 2 confirmed bookings in the last 2 years.
    • Silver: £25,000 lifetime spend or 5 confirmed bookings in the last 5 years.
    • Gold: £45,000 lifetime spend or 10 confirmed bookings in the last 10 years.
    • Diamond: £70,000 lifetime spend.
  3. Lifetime spend is calculated as the sum of the listed price on confirmed Simpson Travel bookings which the client has already returned from.
  4. Bookings must be made by a single client. Loyalty Club tier status is calculated based on a single customer profile (the 'lead passenger') with all passengers connected to a booking forming part of the lead passenger profile.
  5. The number of confirmed bookings in a given time frame is determined by departure date.
  6. If a confirmed booking is made that would result in a member moving between tiers, any additional benefits will not apply to said booking. Any change in tier will instead come into effect upon the return date of the booking in question, and additional benefits can be applied when the next confirmed booking is made.


  1. Upon confirming a booking, Loyalty Club members will be given a monetary allowance (determined by membership tier) to spend on a range of Travel Extras, which must be booked through Simpson Travel.
    • This allowance is only applicable to the current booking and cannot be carried over for use in the future. Any unspent amount is lost.
  2. The "2nd holiday scheme" entitles Loyalty Club members to a discount when booking a second holiday that departs in the same calendar year as the first holiday.
    • Discount applies only to the listed package price only, and does not apply to any supplementary fees.
    • This discount must be applied at the time of booking, and will be applied to the lowest priced booking made that year.
    • Certain properties may be excluded – discount cannot be applied to properties for which we act as agents (on request properties).
  3. Upon reaching a lifetime spend of £100,000, Diamond tier members will be notified that they are eligible to receive a complimentary holiday worth up to £5,000.
    • This value must be redeemed against the listed package price of a single holiday.
    • Certain properties may be excluded from this offer – offer cannot be applied to properties for which we act as agents (on request properties).


  1. All additional Simpson Travel booking terms and conditions still apply. Please see our website for further information.
  2. The policy is subject to revision as and when necessary. Criteria and rewards are also subject to change.