Frequently asked questions

Post-Brexit travel

What happens to holiday and travel plans following Brexit?
The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020. UK citizens do not require a visa to visit Europe unless staying longer than 90 days in any 180-day period. For total peace of mind, all our package holidays remain fully protected by our ABTA membership and flight inclusive holidays departing from the UK are protected by our ATOL bond. For comprehensive information relating to post-Brexit travel, you may wish to visit the dedicated ABTA information page. Additionally, you will find some answers to Brexit FAQs below.

Is my booking still protected financially?
Yes. Our holidays that depart from the UK are ABTA and ATOL protected, which entitles you to the same comprehensive travel protection now that the UK is no longer in the EU.

What about flights?
Flights between the EU and the UK are unaffected by Brexit.

Will ferries still sail?
Ferry services are operating as normal following Brexit.

Will services such as Eurostar still operate?
Trains from the UK to the EU continue to operate as normal, though longer check-in times may apply. We recommend checking with your train operator well before your journey to see if there is any additional information you need to be aware of.

Are UK passports still valid after Brexit?
Travel to EU countries: your UK passport is accepted and should be valid for at least 3 months beyond your return date to the UK. Additionally, passports must not be older than 10 years based on their issue date on entry to the EU. This means that if you renewed an adult 10 year passport before it expired, and extra months were added to the expiry date, these months do not count towards the months that must be remaining.
Travel to Turkey/non-EU countries: your UK passport is accepted and should be valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date to the UK
More information can be found here. Passport holders of other nations can check visa requirements at or with your own embassy for the entry/re-entry requirements necessary for your journey. 

Will I need a Visa?
UK passport holders do not require a visa to visit Europe, unless staying longer than 90 days in any 180-day period.

Is my travel insurance still valid after Brexit? 
Standard comprehensive travel insurance policies should not be affected by Brexit; however, we recommend that you check that your policy covers any known medical conditions. You can find more information here. If you have an annual policy, make sure you check the Terms and Conditions and contact your insurance provider if you’re not sure.

Can I still use my European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)?
UK-registered European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) remain valid until their expiry date. Following expiry, EHICs should be replaced by a new UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which will operate in a similar way, giving you the right to access state-provided healthcare while on holiday in the EU. You can apply for a free GHIC card by clicking here.

Car hire – is my UK driver’s licence still valid after Brexit?
Yes. A UK driving licence will be valid in the EU and you will not need to obtain an International Driving Permit, except in some instances where you are only in possession of a paper licence. For more information, visit

Do I need a green card for my own car?
UK citizens wishing to drive their own vehicle within an EU country are required to obtain and carry a Green Card for insurance. These cards can be requested from insurers and may incur a small fee. Please contact your insurer for more information and visit for further details about driving in the EU following Brexit.

Do I need a sticker on my car?
Yes, since September 2021, you are required to attach a UK sticker when driving in the EU. GB stickers are no longer valid. Number plates featuring the blue band and letters ’GB’ next to the European golden stars are also no longer valid.

Data roaming
Please check with your mobile phone provider before you travel to clarify the cost of making calls, sending messages or using the internet on your phone at your holiday destination..

Taking pets abroad
Pets can continue to travel from the UK to the EU following Brexit but the requirements for documents and health checks have changed. If you wish to take your pet to the EU, please discuss preparations for your pet’s travel with an Official Veterinarian and visit for further information. Residents of other countries should check entry requirements for pets via their own government website.


What are the Covid testing and vaccination requirements for travel? 

No proof of vaccination is currently required to enter or avoid restrictions in any of our destinations. However, we respectfully request that all clients take responsibility for agreeing to meet all vaccination or testing requirements both in the UK and abroad, as necessary. Once a final balance payment has been received, we regret that changes or cancellations cannot be accepted if a member of your party fails to meet the vaccination or testing requirements for travel.

Returning to the UK and EU countries

  • There are currently no restrictions in place for travellers on return to the UK or EU, regardless of vaccination status and a Passenger Locator Form is not required.

Travel to and from countries outside the UK and EU

  • Please visit the corresponding government website for details on all testing, vaccination and requirements for travel.

What will you do to ensure my accommodation is clean?

Simpson Travel has always demanded the highest standard of cleaning from our partners and owners. In line with recommendations from the World Health Organisation, together with the UK and local governments, we have developed an enhanced cleaning plan specifically to combat the transmission of viruses. All our partners and owners are briefed on this plan, agree to it and regular auditing is undertaken by our overseas teams. Specifically:

  • Cleaners will be paying extra attention to cleaning ‘high touch’ areas in the accommodation. These include light switches, remote controls, hairdryers, safes, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, kitchen utensils, keys and handrails.
  • Cleaners will be asked to use hypochlorite solution to thoroughly disinfect the accommodation before occupation by each party.
  • All bedding will be laundered in cycles where temperatures are maintained at 65° for not less than ten minutes, or 71° for not less than three minutes.
  • We ask our hotel and villa owners to test the chlorine and pH levels of their pools regularly to ensure they offer a safe environment for our guests.

The above information was updated on 09.12.22. We reserve the right to change our policies in light of new information or travel restrictions.


Foreign Office advice before you travel

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up-to-date travel information to help British travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. Should you wish to check their advice or information about the destination you are travelling to, please visit their website: or call 020 7008 1500. Residents and/or passport holders of other countries should check their own government website.


Paying for your holiday

When is the full balance due?
You need to pay your balance 10 weeks before departure. You can do this online through My Account or by calling us on 0208 392 5747.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes. Call 020 8392 5747 and we can give you our bank details so you can make a payment.

The price is slightly different from the price quoted. Why is that?
Exchange rates and flight supplements during the busy seasons/periods of high demand may affect the final price you pay. Paying the full amount at the deposit stage will allow you to pay the price you see.

Can I reserve a holiday for next year?
Yes – you have the opportunity to register in advance of the yearly new season launch and can secure your booking with a refundable deposit. Please call us for details. 


About your booking

What kind of financial security do I have when I book?
We’re a member of ABTA, and our holidays that include flights departing from the UK are ATOL protected by the Civil Aviation Authority.

I made a mistake when I submitted my passport and/or driver details. What should I do?
You can update your details by logging into My Account, however if you're due to depart within two weeks, please call our Pre-departure team on 020 8392 5747. If you need to make a change to the name of one of your party, contact our Pre-departure team on 020 8392 5747 or email

If I cancel my booking, can I get a full refund?
You, or any member of your party, may cancel your travel arrangements at any time. Written notification from the person who made the booking or your travel agent on your behalf must be received at our offices. Since we incur costs in cancelling your travel arrangements, you will have to pay the applicable cancellation charges as detailed in our booking terms. We will apply these cancellation charges from the day we receive your written notification. Cancellation charges are in addition to any non-refundable flights. Note: If the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges.

What happens if you change or cancel my booking?
The arrangements we offer are planned many months in advance and while it is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to them, we must reserve the right to do so. For full details, see our booking terms.

I need to let you know of a change of address. How do I do that?
Yes. Please email or call 020 8392 5747 and we’ll update your details for you.

Will my travel documents be posted or do I need to download?
We send downloadable travel documents by email but if you’d prefer to receive them by post, call us on 0208 392 5747 to request it.

Do I need to provide my passport details for our flight?
All airlines departing from the UK require Advance Passenger Information (API) including full name, date of birth, passport number, validity and expiry date, place of issue and nationality. You will be advised by email of your flight reference number (PNR) and you can use this to login to the airline website and submit your passport information. 

When will I receive my travel documents and itinerary?
You’ll receive them by email two weeks prior to departure.

How do I contact Simpson Travel while I’m away?
Contact numbers for our local representatives are shown in your travel documents, but if it’s an emergency, call us on +44 20 8392 5869

Do I need a visa?
UK passport holders do not require a visa to visit Europe, unless staying longer than 90 days in any 180-day period.

Please note that UK passports need to be valid for 3 months or more when travelling to EU countries and 6 months or more when travelling to Turkey. You should also check when your passport was renewed. If you renewed a 10-year adult passport before it expired, extra months may have been added to your passport’s expiry date. These extra months over 10 years will not count towards the months that must be remaining. Please note that passports must not be older than 10 years based on their issue date.

If you do not have a valid passport, it is recommended that you apply at least six weeks before your holiday.

Passport holders of other nations can check visa requirements at or with your own embassy for the entry/re-entry requirements necessary for your journey. 

How do I use The Simpson Travel App?
For information on accessing your holiday details using our app, please visit The Simpson Travel App.

About your flights

Which terminal am I flying from?
The terminal is stated on your itinerary, which will be available in the My Account section of the website two weeks prior to your departure.

I need airport assistance. Can you arrange it for me?
Yes. Under European Law, if you are disabled or have mobility difficulties, you can receive assistance when you fly. This free service is available to anyone with mobility problems due to disability, age or a temporary injury. To take full advantage of this service, you need to inform us of your requirements at least 10 days before your outbound flight. You can check airport layouts on the various airport websites.

Can I check-in online?

All airlines have different procedures for online check-in. Details specific to your airline can be found below. If your carrier is not listed, please check directly with the airline.

   Air Corsica, online check in opens 36 hours before departure, You will require your Air Corsica booking reference and lead passenger’s surname.

   British Airways, online check in opens 24 hours before departure, You will require your British Airways booking reference and lead passenger’s surname.

   EasyJet, online check in opens 30 days before departure, You will need to click ‘No Account’, and enter the leads passenger’s surname, and EasyJet booking reference.

   Flybe, online check in opens 36 hours before departure, You will require your Flybe booking reference and lead passenger’s surname.

   Jet2, online check in opens 28 days before departure, You will require your Jet2 booking reference, lead passenger’s surname and departure date of your outbound flight.

   Norwegian, online check in opens 24 hours before departure, You will require your Norwegian booking reference and lead passenger’s surname, in the ‘I don’t have a profile’ section.

   TUI, online check in opens 14 days before departure (if you have seats selected), or 7 days before departure (If you do not have selected seats) You will require your TUI booking  reference, lead passenger’s surname and travel date.

   Wizz Air, online check in opens 30 days before departure, You will require your Wizz Air confirmation reference and lead passenger’s surname.

Can I check my flight arrival/departure status?
Some airlines show the arrival and departures status of their flights online. You can check this information on the day of travel on the following links


British Airways


TUI Airways

Flight time changes
Airlines sometimes choose to change flight arrival or departure times and we will keep you informed of any such changes. Complimentary alternative flights cannot be offered if the time is changed by less than 12 hours.

What is my luggage allowance?
Your luggage allowance is shown on your itinerary and may vary for scheduled and ‘no-frills’ airlines. Visit the airline’s website or contact us on 020 8392 5747 for more details.

What is my hand luggage allowance?
Weight and size restrictions for hand luggage on scheduled and ‘no-frills’ airlines can vary. Visit the airline's website for clarification. There are also restrictions on liquids and gels that can be carried on board and these are explained at Liquids/cosmetics are only allowed in 100ml bottles or less and they must be comfortably packed in a clear sealed bag provided by the airport authorities. This should be carried separately through the X-ray machines and should also fit into your one piece of hand luggage. No sharp objects are allowed in your hand luggage.

Can I pre-book seats on the aircraft?
You can pre-book your seats on the aircraft for an additional charge directly via the airline’s website. You will find your airline reference number noted on your Simpson Travel itinerary.

What should I do if members of my party are flying at different times or from different airports?
Make sure that each group travelling on each flight have their own copy of the travel itinerary or flight confirmation specific to the airline.

Can you arrange airport parking and/or an overnight hotel?
Yes. We can book a range of car parking and hotel options at competitive rates. Just call us on 020 8392 5747 to make arrangements or go to

Will I be able to take a pushchair on the flight?
Airlines allow you to take pushchairs and buggies free of charge up the doors/steps of the aircraft. Some airlines allow infants to have a luggage allowance of 5kg to 10kg but check with us or the airline before you travel if you are in any doubt.

Are meals included on the flights?
The majority of airlines we partner with offer a limited buy onboard service. Some airlines also allow you to pre-purchase meals before you travel. This is a good option, particularly on longer flights and flights returning to the U.K., as sometimes flights are not re-stocked in overseas destinations. These airlines accept various card payments onboard and only some accept cash (please refer to specific airline website for more details).


Car hire and transfers 

Do I need vouchers for my transfer?
No. Your itinerary will act as your transfer voucher. You will be met upon arrival by one of the Simpson Travel team or by a driver holding a board with your name displayed.

Car hire information
Simpson Travel has arranged for there to be no excess on any car that is hired through us as part of your holiday package. Insurance coverage varies between countries so we recommend that you check inclusions and exclusions under the CAR INSURANCE section of the region you are visiting.

Will I receive a car hire voucher?
No. Your itinerary will act as your car hire voucher. We allow up to two drivers to drive a hire car. When you collect your car, those wishing to drive must present their driver’s licence. You must be over the age of 21 years of age and have held a full licence for over two years.

I have booked a car/booster seat, will this show on my itinerary?
Yes. This will show on your itinerary and it will also be stated on your invoice.


About your accommodation

What time is check out/check in?
Generally, check-in is from 4pm and check-out is by 10am, but check your arrival/driving instructions.

Do you provide towels in the villas?
Yes – you’ll find bath towels and beach/pool towels in all our accommodation.

Are there hairdryers/irons in the villas?
All our properties vary in terms of equipment provided. However, hairdryers and irons are provided in all our self-catering accommodation. If you have any specific questions about equipment (e.g. CD and DVD players, safes, etc.), refer to the property description on our website or call us before you travel on 020 8392 5747.

Can you provide cots and high chairs in the villas?
Yes, these are provided free of charge. Get in touch on 020 8392 5747 and we’ll arrange them for you. We only supply cot linen at Mousses, so for other properties you will need to take please bring your own.

Can I include extra guests in my villa?
Yes, although you must declare additional guests and pay the applicable charges for insurance purposes. Call us on 020 8392 5858 for more details.

Is my villa pet friendly?
Some of our villas do allow dogs. If you’d like to take yours with you, call us on 020 8392 5747 and we can give you details of the properties that apply.



What currency should I take?
Take euros for holidays in Corsica, France, Greece, Italy and Mallorca. For Turkey, you’ll need Turkish lira.


Page last updated 6 September 2022