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Why Visit Kaş?

Since the 1920s, this area has been treasured by artisans. Back then, the pioneers of the Blue Cruise were five carefree Turkish writers who explored the translucent coves of the Turquoise Coast aboard a sponge diver's gület.

Nowadays, this charming town in Turkey has evolved into a quintessentially romantic destination belonging to painters and performers as much as poets and fishermen – and to the more appreciative visitor enjoying all the gems along its dramatic coastline.

Visitors to this corner of the Mediterranean can soak up the relaxed ambience – whether sipping rakı; trekking in the wilds;horseriding in the country; gazing out across the bay from luxury villas in Kaş; or just blending in with the locals in the bazaars and narrow, meandering streets of the old town.

Restoring Body and Soul in Kaş

Pronounced "Kash", a trip to this relatively unspoilt working town is a tonic in many ways. Activities and excursions go beyond favoured beaches like Kaputaş and include: scuba diving in the crystal clear sea; climbing, canyoning or paragliding with the Taurus Mountains as a backdrop; absorbing ancient sites (Phellos, Gömbe, Olympos); kayaking over the sunken ruins of Kekova - or hop to Greece to visit the nearby island of Meis.

Finally, this diverse destination is any walker's dream: with the 500km Lycian Way (listed by The Times as one of the World's Top Ten Walks), going past its backyard. A hike into the timeless landscape of goat tracks, pine forests and ancient, forgotten carved-out tombs, is a must.

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