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About Us - Then and Now

Simpson Travel is a long-established, privately owned company specialising in luxury private villas and small hotels with character. With an industry heritage spanning more than 37 years, founder and owner Graham Simpson reflects on the history and hallmarks of Simpson Travel today, and why he continues to choose ‘the road less travelled’.

“I first started offering villa holidays in 1978 with my Greek wife Yianna. Inspired by the idea of offering people the kind of authentic holidays we liked to enjoy ourselves, we set up the original Simply Travel. 

Back in those days, Crete was very much off the beaten track, a ‘road less travelled’ in the most literal sense. Today we offer many more destinations, some quietly secluded, others close to the finest beaches in Europe and therefore no longer undiscovered, yet our approach to the business is unchanged. To us ‘the road less travelled’ is about going the extra mile, making the effort where others might take shortcuts.  It would be easier to contract our villas by phone and email, yet instead we visit and vet every single one. Our resort staff are  contactable 24/7 in order to offer a service that suits you, not us.

We invest in small developments that may take years to become profitable but which offer immediate benefits both to our clients and to the local resort communities.  The ‘road less travelled’ today symbolises an alternative attitude rather than an alternative destination, and by choosing to take the harder path we can continue to offer a superior experience to all those who travel and work with us.

I consider myself very fortunate as over the last four and a half decades my professional life has encompassed three totally different careers – theatre, travel and football. Yet the common thread through all of these years has been travel, and I am still totally immersed in the Simpson business, ably supported by my two sons, Mathew and Daniel. Our ethos at Simpson, as with Simply, remains the same – service, knowledge and a real passion for what we do”