Villa Reale Italy, Venice

Few destinations capture hearts and minds like Venice and this beautiful canal-side apartment feeds the imagination still further. In an original 16th-century building, the ornate frescoes, two marble bathrooms and 18th-century Murano chandeliers are a taste of the city’s famous opulence, now combined with the creature comforts of home. There’s wifi and a fully equipped kitchen – and given that you have such an elegant dining room at your disposal, it would be a shame not to engage in a little home cooking for at least one night of your stay.

Your apartment, one of three sharing an entrance, is on the first floor and an impressive 280m square, the polished floors only adding to the luxurious sense of space. You’ll be staying in the buzzing Ormesini neighbourhood, which offers a genuine slice of Venetian life. Right next to the Jewish Quarter and its bookshops, art galleries and antique shops, there’s more to look at than glass and mask shops. You’ll find plenty of authentic bacaro and restaurants to sample a spritz al bitter or dine out on a few of the local dishes and maybe catch some live music along the way.


  • 3 bedroom first floor apartment (sleeps 2-6)

First floor:

  • Entrance hall
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen includes hob, electric oven, microwave, coffee machine, fridge-freezer, dishwasher
  • 2 double bedrooms
  • Twin bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Shower room
  • Bookings are for a minimum of three nights
  • Air-conditioning in the living room, dining room and master bedroom
  • Wifi
  • Security deposit (£500) required 3 weeks prior to departure

Complimentary wifi:

  • All properties with wifi are able to support basic functionality such as web browsing and email checking
  • We aim to offer an uninterrupted service but sometimes due to factors beyond our control reliability can be affected


  • Shops and restaurants 1min walk
  • St Mark’s Square 20min walk
  • Rialto Bridge 15min walk
  • Venice airport 30min by water-taxi or 1hr 10min by water bus (Le Guglie stop)

Although this property is booked on an accommodation-only basis, we can arrange your flights for an extra charge of £25 per person, plus the cost of the flights themselves.

Below are the flight options available, including the most convenient airports in Italy to help you reach your destination as quickly and easily as possible.


Departure airport Airline Flight days Seasonality
London Heathrow British Airways Saturday All season
London Gatwick easyJet Saturday All season
London Gatwick British Airways Saturday All season
London Stansted Ryanair Saturday All season
Luton Airport easyJet Saturday All season
Manchester Jet2 Saturday All season
Manchester easyJet Saturday All season
Bristol easyJet Saturday All season



Departure airport Airline Flight days Seasonality
London City British Airways Saturday All season



Departure airport Airline Flight days Seasonality
London Heathrow British Airways Saturday All season
London Heathrow Alitalia Saturday All season
London Gatwick British Airways Saturday All season
London Gatwick easyJet Saturday All season
London Gatwick Vueling Saturday All season
Manchester Jet2 Saturday All season
Birmingham Monarch Saturday All season
Bristol easyJet Saturday All season



For an introduction to Venice, take a look at our guide.

It’s home to one of the world’s most famous carnivals, but Venice doesn’t limit its magnificent theatrical impact to masks and costumes. From the distinctive Murano glass to the grandeur of St Mark’s Square, lined with 18th-century coffee houses and the beautiful basilica, this opulent destination opens the doors to a luxury holiday like no other. And in its tranquil waterways, food and wine and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of its lagoon and islands, there’s even more to love.


Eternal Romance

Huddled away at the Adriatic’s northern-most reaches lies a city of breathtaking romance and enchantment; of intrigue and magic and of a beautiful, gently decaying architecture unrivalled anywhere in Europe.

Venice’s settlers happened upon their aqua lagoon and its unique cluster of islands while fleeing Barbarian hoards – and their new home has been enjoying magnetic appeal ever since.

Here is a city that rose to become the most powerful in Europe during the Middle Ages – and whose grip on the imagination has never faded. Today, though, it’s tourism that the ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ is fluttering her eyelashes at. And she seduces, without fail.

A city built on water

Arched with ornate bridges and lined with the faded pink and ochre hues of timeless buildings, the waterways of ‘The Floating City’ are truly its roads and highways – unchanged since the city was first built upon the wooden piles that hold her head above water (just about) to this day.

The Venetian Lagoon and many of its 117 small islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering protection to a city that has long battled against the elements. And it’s easy to see why.

The path less trodden

An espresso in St Mark’s Square, a cruise along the canals, a wander across the Rialto Bridge: all should be experienced once when in Venice. But to discover the real city, simply enjoy getting lost and exploring the secrets of her labyrinthine alleyways.

Here you’ll find the silent paths, quiet canals disturbed only by the occasional barge and the little-known palaces and grand homes, tucked safely away from the tourist hoards. This is where Henry James wrote, Byron found his love and masterpieces hang – seen only by those who chance a detour.

A carnival for the senses

A tradition since 1094, the Venice Carnival continues to delight visitors in the run-up to Lent, although the excitement and intrigue of this special time can be felt all year round. The wearing of masks, it is said, has its origins in anonymity – bringing all of society’s revellers onto a common plane without fear of regret or retribution.

Today though, celebrations are a lot less secretive. Some three million visitors descend upon Venice for its annual cacophony of balls and parties. Whether you’re one of them – or you’re here at another time – Venetian masks are a common sight, one which has come to symbolise the city (almost) as much as the gondola.

Soak it all up

Of all the islands in Venice, it’s Murano that can claim to have the most famous tradition for craftsmanship – it’s specialized in the making of fancy glassware for centuries. Castello, a fascinating little quarter offers further examples of artisanal mastery, while little-visited Northern Venice is the place to see fishing boats built and then painted in vibrant hues.

There’s an unmistakable buzz to the ‘City of Bridges’ – a vibrant confidence that makes her one of the most enduringly irresistible city breaks in the world. This unique destination, little changed for hundreds of years, floats along to its own vibrant, captivating rhythm. You’ll find it impossible not to jump in with both feet.


A taste of Venice

Simple in ingredients and sublime in flavor, the delights of Italian cuisine are as alive and well in Venice as anywhere else in this gastronomic heartland.

True to the city’s maritime situation, fish features on many a menu – with delicious fried sardines slathered in a vinegar dressing of onions, pine nuts, raisins and white wine served absolutely everywhere. Spider crab is another local favourite – excellent aboard a green salad. And do try swordfish carpaccio – a coastal take on the beef version, and first created right here in the lagoon.

And wherever you dine, a truly Venetian tradition can always be enjoyed afterwards. Grab some of the local fried, sweet doughnuts called fritelle alla Veneziana and devour while taking a late night stroll through the city’s vibrant streets.

Should you dare to test a Venetian’s pride in culinary traditions, try suggesting that Tiramisu were invented in Tuscany, as a Tuscan might claim. Passion for food runs deep here. So deep, it is even said that this is the place where the napkin and the fork were invented.

Venetian tipples

Where could be better than Venice for beginning an evening with a glass of Prosecco? Champagne’s lighter, slightly sweeter cousin reigns supreme as the aperitivo of choice for many – but asking for it to be elevated to the status of a Bellini (with the addition of peach purée) is very much the done thing too.

Wine-wise, the powerful reds of the Veneto origin – Valpolicella, Borsalino – offer bold blackcurrant fruitiness, while the region’s famous white, Soave, seems somehow even more quaffable when enjoyed in its place of origin.

And let’s not forget grappa – the national spirit (in both senses of the word).

Churches and museums


Basilica di San Marco

St. Mark’s truly is the heartbeat of Venice – a wonder of Baroque architecture, where the city’s political and religious life flourished over the last millennium.


The mosaic decoration inside the Basilica has to be seen to believed. It tells the story of Christianity, from the Old Testament to the life of Christ, with important references to the life of St. Mark.

Getting there

You’ll find this iconic building in St Mark’s Square.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art

This icon among Italian museums holds one of the country’s most worthy collections of modern art and displayed in the former home of American trendsetter, heiress, and socialite Peggy Guggenheim.


Prepare to come face to face with the work of Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock and Alexander Calder all under one roof. A sculpture garden is another highlight of Ms Guggenheim’s treasured collections.

Getting there

Located on the Grand Canal between the Church of Santa Maria della Salute and the Accademia Bridge.

The Doge's Palace/Palazzo Ducale

This architectural masterpiece presents an exhaustive amount of beauty, including a courtyard, grand halls, dramatic embellishments such as frescoed walls, gold-plated ceilings, stunning murals and complex and intricate statues.


Don’t miss a visit to the second floor, where guests can view the artwork by Venice’s own Tintoretto including Paradise, an astounding masterpiece covering an entire wall.

Getting there

The palace and museum are in St Mark’s Square, near the Palazzo Ducale pier on the Grand Canal.

Gallerie dell'Accademia

A chronological wander through Venice’s greatest works of arts, within three separate buildings: the Scuola Grande di Santa Maria della Carità, the Church of Santa Maria and the Canonici Lateranensi Monastery.


This treasure trove of artwork, much of it religious, includes the work of Titian, Canaletto and enormous Renaissance masterpieces. Hire a guide to help you make the most of them.

Getting there

The galleries are near the Accademia Bridge in the Campo della Carità. You can get there on foot or by vaporetto.

Marciano Museum

One of the most visited museums in Venice offers stunning views of the Basilica from its balconies – and it’s not hard to imagine VIPs from days of old attending lavish functions here.


Home to the bronze horses that once stood guard outside the Basilica, the collection also includes religious items, jewellery, manuscripts and mosaics.

Getting there

This museum is another reason to linger around the famous St Mark’s Square.

Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

A powerfully imposing church that reflects the architecture of Ancient Rome – in perfect Palladian style. The interior is painted with wonderful frescoes by Tintoretto, Jacopo Palma Giovane and Sebastiano Ricci, among others.


The bell tower, which was rebuilt in 1790 after the collapse of the original one in 1774, has always been in competition with that of St. Mark’s for the most striking view over Venice and its Lagoon.

Getting there

Make your way to the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, one stop on the boat from St Mark’s Square.

Things to do

Take home a souvenir

For hundreds of years, the island of Murano has been world-famous for its intricate glassware. Today, centuries-old techniques are alive and well on the island where you can witness them first-hand, before leaving with a beautiful souvenir.

Ride in a gondola

Dating back to the 17th century, these flat-bottomed, uniquely Venetian rowing boats were once the chief means of transportation in the floating city. Today, just 500 are in active service – moving tourists effortlessly around the city in romantic (and beautifully predictable) style.

Take afternoon tea in Quadris

This Venice institution has been serving tea to the well-healed since forever, and a visit here simply must be made. The views across St Mark’s Square are as eye-watering as the prices, but the experience is considered to be worth every cent.

Marvel at the Basilica

Once past the awe-inspiring facade of the Basilica di San Marco, the intricate mosaics and frescos adorning the vast interior will take your breath even further away. A true symbol of a nation’s former glory days.

Cross the Rialto Bridge

One of just four bridges spanning the Grand Canal, the Rialto is surely the most elegant. Laden with shops, the bridge is one of the true hotspots of Venetian tourism – and the gateway to the famous market that lends the bridge its name.

Enjoy a bellini in Harry's Bar

To sip Prosecco laced with peach liqueur is a Venice tradition not be missed. To do so in Harry’s Bar is to enjoy a Bellini in its birthplace – adding an extra touch of magic and enjoyment to your post-tour sundowner.

Browse the Rialto market

The Venetians’ expertise with seafood is nowhere more evident than at this spectacular fish market. Bustling with tourists the Rialto may be, but there’s a satisfaction in knowing that this is the real deal; the lifeblood of the city’s finest restaurants.

Visit Burano

Reflected in aqua marine waters, the vibrantly coloured houses of this charming island are as much a draw as its leaning bell tower or the local lace that people flock here to buy. A visit to Burano is a delightful one – and a chance to experience a slower pace of Venetian life.

Discover the city's nature reserve

Famous for spectacular Byzantine mosaics inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Dell’Assunta, much of Torcello is a nature reserve and offers the chance to escape the crowds to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stroll through stunning scenery.

Helpful phrases

  Hello Ciao
  Good-bye Arrivederci
  Please Per favore
  Thank you Grazie
  Yes Si
  No No
  How are you? Come stai?
  I'm fine, thank you Stò bene grazie
  I don't understand Non capisco
  My name is… Mi chiamo…
  The bill, please Il conto per favore
  How much is it? Quanto costa?


The famous Carnevale takes place in the two weeks leading up to Shrove Tuesday (Feb/Mar) - a time when International revellers flock to Venice for a fortnight of masked balls and sophisticated partying. it's one of the worlds’ most famous annual events.

What’s on in June

June to November (odd years): The Art Biennale is contemporary art’s most important gathering, where superstar artists and major curators meet, mingle and muse at various venues around the city.

June to November (even years): The Architecture Biennale is a meeting of the greatest architectural minds – in the city that exudes the greatest architectural style. A true celebration of urban design.

What’s on in July

Third weekend in Jul: The Festa del Redentore brings with it fantastic firework displays to celebrate the end of the great plague of 1576. After the show, many head for the island of Lido to watch the sun rise.

What’s on in August

End of August to early September: The Venice Film Festival is one of the world’s oldest film festivals and takes place on the island of Lido. Expect, glitz, glamour and more than a little giddiness.


For bookings or enquiries regarding Villa Reale please call us on 020 8392 5858.

A daily tourist tax applies in Italy for only the first week of your stay which means that an average of €1.50 per person (12+ years) may be charged.  This should be paid in cash to your villa or hotel owner during your stay.

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Air-conditioning and heating
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Animals and wildlife
As in all rural communities, indigenous animals are an essential part of the way of life. The braying of a donkey, crow of a cockerel or the barking of a dog is not a complaint that receives much sympathy from the locals! Care should be taken to minimise the presence of insects and animals in your accommodation. Keep surfaces clean, dispose of refuse regularly and ensure that food is not left uncovered. Cats and dogs are often resident where an owner or manager lives on the property. If you are allergic to cats and/or dogs please ensure that you check the suitability of your chosen accommodation with us prior to confirming your booking.
We have specified if a barbecue is available at your accommodation. Please note that often in summer, due to the hot weather, use of your barbecue may not be allowed and/or strict rules for its use may apply. The local or national government reserves the right to introduce new rulings at any time, often with little prior notice, prohibiting the use of barbecues to reduce the risk of fires. Where a barbecue is not provided, it is usually because the surroundings are considered a fire risk or inappropriate for the use of barbecues.
Beach/pool towels
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Please note that a double bed could be two single beds placed together. French bed sizes vary and can be 140cm.
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Linen and laundry
Bed and bathroom linen is provided weekly. For your convenience most of our properties in Italy have a washing machine.
Noise and building works
Traffic, farm work, roadwork, animals and other sounds form part of everyday life, however, what constitutes ‘noise’ to one person may not be a problem for another. Please let us know if you have any special needs regarding this. Occasionally, building work is unavoidable as we do not control such work and may not know about it in advance. Whenever possible, we will notify you of any work that we believe may affect your holiday.
Only guests named on your invoice are entitled to occupy the accommodation.
Satellite television
We cannot guarantee that a full selection of satellite channels will be available. Channels in English may be very limited and these are often only CNN or BBC World.
Seasonal facilities
Some facilities are subject to weather conditions and the general season, for example swimming pools, restaurant terraces and courtyards, pool bars, local restaurants, and they may be limited or unavailable at the beginning or end of the season. Please do not hesitate to check with us, should a particular facility be a necessity to you.
Swimming pools
Swimming pool details are given on our website. Pool dimensions are approximate only and, unless specified otherwise, pools are freshwater and unheated. Dates when pools are operational are subject to the prevailing weather conditions at the time of opening and closing and we cannot be held responsible if poor weather means the pool is opened later, or is closed earlier in the season.
Upon arrival at your accommodation, we kindly ask you to acquaint yourselves with the pool’s safety and hygiene rules. Some pools are ‘infinity pools’ which have an exposed pool edge with an unprotected drop. This maximises views and is an attractive feature of the pool. We recommend that you do not sit, lean or walk on the unprotected edge. Children must be supervised at all times.
Villa owners
Whilst the owners or staff of some properties may live on site and tend to the grounds, they are aware that you value your privacy, and will do their best not to intrude. We do ask you, however, to allow them reasonable access to the property so that they can maintain the grounds and keep them in good order.
Welcome Pack
We offer a welcome pack in all our self-catering accommodation consisting of a small selection of staple items.

Our choice of Italian properties is diverse, ranging from simple charm to genuine luxury and style. Much of our portfolio is privately owned, and price alone is therefore not a universal guide. We contract all our accommodation in person, and each property has its individual appeal.

To help you make the right choice based on your own priorities, we have devised a simple grading guide to be considered in conjunction with each individual property description, awarding up to a maximum of five stars for the below categories.

Grading Criteria:


Position, view, serenity, privacy


Space, style, furnishings and interiors


Property enhancements


Proximity to beach, restaurant and shops


For further clarification on Facilities, please view the 'Details' tab for each property or speak to one of our experienced sales consultants.

Grading for this property: