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We are pleased to launch our 2017 Skopelos programme. Please use the search boxes for a more detailed search.

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Why Visit Skopelos?

The deep pine and horse chestnut woods at the island’s heart; orchards of plum, almond and cherry; traditional farmhouses – kalyvia – in a timeless countryside dotted with bright blue beehives, where the air smells of wild herbs and resin.

A holiday in Skopelos is nothing if not an escape to Arcadia: with 65 km of largely inaccessible coast, this is an island where tiny coves wait to be explored by boat, goat tracks lead upward to ancient mountain springs and forgotten Byzantine convents, and lanes lined with mulberry trees lead to long, sleepy beaches. There is little development in this part of Greece, still no airport, and even Skopelos Town itself – declared a Traditional Settlement of Outstanding Beauty – has too many steps and turns for any heavy traffic.

Monasteries, Monk Seals and... Mamma Mia!

As in many other Greek islands, the influence of the Ottomans and the Venetians is palpable – from the gastronomy to the ruins of the Kastro. Less obvious, perhaps, is the island's role as a bastion of Christianity, with no less than 300 churches and monasteries.

Many who travel to this destination are nature-lovers. The island is a haven for wildlife, from the elusive monk seal to over 60 species of birds – many nesting in the secluded gardens of luxury villas and houses.

Ultimately, however, a trip to this idyllic location – wonderfully green, peaceful, unchanging – is about enjoying a world which moves at a different pace and where romantic ideals survive. Have we mentioned 'Mamma Mia!'? – you'll soon understand why they filmed it here.

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