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Why Visit Ithaca?

Nestled in the Ionian Sea between Kefalonia and mainland Greece, Ithaca is historic to the core – an anchorage prized by pirates and maritime powers alike, from the Romans and Christian Byzantines, to the Venetians and Ottomans.

But today holidays in Ithaca bring you to an island that is quintessentially Greek, where all pleasures are taken slowly: sipping an iced ouzo in a shady square, pottering along goat-tracks bordered with wild thyme, or even taking a picnic to the height of Kathara Monastery to wait for its magical sunset. There is something for everyone.

Ithaca is still, in many ways, the romantic landscape of Homer’s Odyssey and the place that Byron loved, and remains less well known than its larger neighbours.

Nature Treasures, Tranquillity and Choice

While seafarers have long cherished the shelter of its naturally spooned out harbour, the holidaymaker can marvel at the sweeping panorama of Vathy's concave bay: a curve followed by pastel-coloured houses; a shoreline of small coves, shaded by eucalyptus trees; undulating hillsides of pine, olive and cypress groves; and, beyond, a dramatic rockscape soaring above the occasional winding road.

Vistas to treasure, tranquillity, and an ample choice of beaches, white pebble coves and walks... luxury Ithaca villas offer the very best holidays.

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