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  • Things to do in Calvi & The Balagne25 May 2016

    The north of Corsica’s countryside is a walkers’ paradise, and between its picturesque hilltop villages, the undulating landscape is blanketed with vineyards, olive trees and citrus groves.

  • A Stretch in the Sun: Your body-nurturing late summer escape25 May 2016

    If screen time has taken its toll on your body, you’re fed up with those niggling aches and pains or you’re secretly just feeling a little bit older than you’d like, Marja Putkisto is the woman

  • Things to do in Meganissi18 May 2016

    The name means Big Island in Greek, yet Meganissi is barely 20kms square, the perfect destination for those in search of the classic small Greek island experience.

  • Provence on a plate: A feast of Mediterranean flavours3 May 2016

    Author, food stylist and chef, Carolyn Caldicott stirs up a little of her passion for the sun-drenched flavours of Provence – the simple way to bring summer to your table.

  • The holiday and the hamper: Your gift from Provence29 April 2016

    For every 2016 summer holiday booked to Provence, we’ll include a hamper as a prelude to your foray into one of France’s most iconic and sensual destinations…