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  • Eagle’s Nest by George: a cat’s tale22 July 2015

    After waiting patiently for an introduction, the resident cat at Eagle’s Nest has taken matters into his own paws with a blog explaining exactly what the situation is over in Paxos.

  • Greece: should you be worried?21 July 2015

    Following the events in Greece from his home in Paxos, Graham Simpson, the founder and owner of Simpson Travel, shares his views on the current economic situation.

  • Let Summer Last a Little Longer at The Rou Estate17 July 2015

    If September and October are usually when you start thinking about putting your summer clothes away for the winter, we’d like to offer you an alternative: a pampering spa experience, good food and

  • Things to do in Southern Corsica5 June 2015

    On those days when you want to broaden your horizons beyond your swimming pool, southern Corsica offers a plentiful supply of shortcuts for rediscovering your joie de vivre and uncovering its many cha

  • Sidestep the tourist trail in northeast Corfu13 May 2015

    Away from boisterous happy hours elsewhere on the island, Corfu’s northeast coast allows you to create your own deep contentment. Base yourself on the lovely Rou Estate for a world of unwinding.