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  • Travelling around Crete: the Recent History of the Island27 October 2014

    The Greek island of Crete is known for being a significant place in antiquity, but it has also played an important role in more recent history.

  • Postcard from Kalkan23 October 2014

    As a full-time resident of Kalkan for more than 20 years, Vicki Eğriboyun, knows the Turquoise Coast better than most.  This week, she spills the beans on her adopted home town’s enduring appeal.

  • Travelling around Crete: Ruins and Caves on the South Coast20 October 2014

    This week, our sales consultant Charlie discovers more of the ancient sites, as well as the Neolithic caves famed for the role they played in the hippy movement of the late ‘60s.

  • Register Your 2015 Holiday Today17 October 2014

    Winter is nearly upon us, but if you are wistfully thinking of your next summer holiday, why not make the organisation just that little bit easier? 
    From boutique hotels in the Mediterranean countrys

  • Travelling around Crete: Ancient Ruins and Rural Vineyards13 October 2014

    One of our travel consultants is heading inland to discover the less touristy areas, the ancient Minoan Palace at Knossos as well as the island’s wine regions