Ginesta Mallorca, Pollença & Puerto Pollença

Ginesta is a unique property on Puerto Alcudia beach with a swimming pool and a garden. This modern house sleeps ten people with two independent units, a main house with two double bedrooms and a twin whilst the annex has two double bedrooms.

With contemporary furnishings, the main house is elegant and spacious; the ground floor enjoys floor to ceiling windows with the living and dining rooms opening onto the covered terrace. Adjacent to the dining area is a fully fitted kitchen with sliding glass doors opening onto the pool area. Upstairs there are three elegant en-suite bedrooms and the master bedroom’s large terrace looks directly onto the beach with the magnificent turquoise sea beyond.

Between the main house and the annex lies a private swimming pool with a gate at the end of the garden leading directly onto the beach.

The annex is accessed via an exterior flight of steps with a small kitchenette and sitting area upstairs. One of the two double bedrooms is on the front of the property and enjoys splendid views of the sea front.

All Puerto Alcudia’s amenities are very close, with shops, bars and restaurants only a short stroll away.



  • 5 bedroom villa (sleeps 2-10)

Ground floor:

  • Living/dining room with Satellite TV (limited English-speaking channels), DVD/CD player
  • Living and dining rooms lead to terrace
  • Kitchen includes oven, hob, microwave, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, coffee machine; leads to pool area
  • Shower room

First floor:

  • Master double bedroom with en-suite bathroom; leads to balcony with garden and sea views
  • Double bedroom with en-suite bathroom
  • Twin bedroom with en-suite bathroom


  • Accessed via an exterior flight of steps
  • 2 double bedrooms
  • Bathroom 

  • Small kitchenette with sitting area


  • Main house is air-conditioned throughout
  • Annex has air-conditioning in bedrooms
  • Safe
  • Iron, ironing board, hairdryer, pool and bath towels provided
  • Washing machine  
  • Barbecue
  • Private swimming pool 10m x 10m, with ladder

Complimentary wifi:

  • All properties with wifi are able to support basic functionality such as web browsing and checking emails
  • We aim to offer an uninterrupted service but sometimes due to factors beyond our control reliability can be affected

Villa access times:

  • Check-in time – 4:00pm
  • Check-out time – 10:00am


  • Beach and bar 20m (at end of garden)
  • Snack bars 5min walk
  • Restaurants 10min walk
  • Puerto Alcudia (restaurants/shops/beach) 30min walk/5min drive
  • Old town Alcudia (restaurants/shops) 10min drive
  • Beach (Puerto Pollença) 20min drive
  • Pollença (restaurants/shops) 25min drive
  • Palma and airport 50min drive


  No of people 31 March
Ginesta 7 14
Accommodation only   SOLD SOLD
  No of people 7 April 14 April 21 April 28 April
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
  No of people 5 May 12 May 19 May 26 May
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 2,223pp 4,252pp 2,223pp 4,302pp 2,273pp 4,402pp 2,398pp 5,527pp
3 1,538pp 2,891pp 1,538pp 2,925pp 1,572pp 2,991pp 1,680pp 3,766pp
4 1,203pp 2,225pp 1,203pp 2,250pp 1,228pp 2,300pp 1,328pp 2,900pp
5 1,001pp 1,822pp 1,001pp 1,842pp 1,021pp 1,882pp 1,116pp 2,377pp
6 898pp 1,618pp 898pp 1,635pp 915pp 1,668pp 1,007pp 2,093pp
7 798pp 1,419pp 798pp 1,433pp 813pp 1,462pp 902pp 1,837pp
8 723pp 1,270pp 723pp 1,283pp 736pp 1,308pp 823pp 1,645pp
9 664pp 1,152pp 664pp 1,164pp 675pp 1,186pp 761pp 1,494pp
10 617pp 1,058pp 617pp 1,068pp 627pp 1,088pp 712pp 1,373pp
Accommodation only   3,840 7,640 3,840 7,740 3,940 7,940 4,040 10,040
  No of people 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 June 30 June
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 3,373pp 6,502pp 3,373pp 6,552pp 3,423pp 6,652pp 3,473pp 7,052pp 3,847pp 7,501pp
3 2,322pp 4,408pp 2,322pp 4,441pp 2,355pp 4,508pp 2,388pp 4,775pp 2,638pp 5,074pp
4 1,803pp 3,375pp 1,803pp 3,400pp 1,828pp 3,450pp 1,853pp 3,650pp 2,041pp 3,875pp
5 1,491pp 2,752pp 1,491pp 2,772pp 1,511pp 2,812pp 1,531pp 2,972pp 1,685pp 3,160pp
6 1,315pp 2,401pp 1,315pp 2,418pp 1,332pp 2,451pp 1,348pp 2,585pp 1,481pp 2,751pp
7 1,163pp 2,098pp 1,163pp 2,112pp 1,177pp 2,141pp 1,191pp 2,255pp 1,305pp 2,397pp
8 1,048pp 1,870pp 1,048pp 1,883pp 1,061pp 1,908pp 1,073pp 2,008pp 1,173pp 2,132pp
9 959pp 1,691pp 959pp 1,702pp 970pp 1,725pp 981pp 1,814pp 1,072pp 1,929pp
10 887pp 1,548pp 887pp 1,558pp 897pp 1,578pp 907pp 1,658pp 991pp 1,766pp
Accommodation only   6,040 12,040 6,040 12,140 6,140 12,340 6,240 13,140 6,940 13,940
  No of people 7 July 14 July 21 July 28 July
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 3,897pp 7,651pp 3,997pp 7,776pp 4,127pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
3 2,671pp 5,174pp 2,738pp 5,257pp 2,860pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
4 2,066pp 3,950pp 2,116pp 4,012pp 2,233pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
5 1,705pp 3,220pp 1,745pp 3,270pp 1,860pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
6 1,498pp 2,801pp 1,531pp 2,842pp 1,645pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
7 1,319pp 2,440pp 1,348pp 2,476pp 1,460pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
8 1,186pp 2,170pp 1,211pp 2,201pp 1,322pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
9 1,083pp 1,962pp 1,105pp 1,990pp 1,216pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
10 1,001pp 1,796pp 1,021pp 1,821pp 1,131pp SOLD SOLD SOLD
Accommodation only   7,040 14,240 7,240 14,490 7,290 SOLD SOLD SOLD
  No of people 4 August 11 August 18 August 25 August
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 SOLD SOLD 4,252pp 8,156pp 4,252pp 8,156pp 4,252pp 7,506pp
3 SOLD SOLD 2,943pp 5,546pp 2,943pp 5,546pp 2,943pp 5,112pp
4 SOLD SOLD 2,296pp 4,255pp 2,296pp 4,255pp 2,296pp 3,930pp
5 SOLD SOLD 1,910pp 3,485pp 1,910pp 3,485pp 1,910pp 3,225pp
6 SOLD SOLD 1,686pp 3,039pp 1,686pp 3,039pp 1,686pp 2,822pp
7 SOLD SOLD 1,496pp 2,659pp 1,496pp 2,659pp 1,496pp 2,474pp
8 SOLD SOLD 1,353pp 2,375pp 1,353pp 2,375pp 1,353pp 2,212pp
9 SOLD SOLD 1,243pp 2,156pp 1,243pp 2,156pp 1,243pp 2,012pp
10 SOLD SOLD 1,156pp 1,981pp 1,156pp 1,981pp 1,156pp 1,851pp
Accommodation only   SOLD SOLD 7,540 15,040 7,540 15,040 7,540 13,740
  No of people 1 September 8 September 15 September 22 September 29 September
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 3,473pp 6,652pp 3,423pp 6,552pp 3,373pp 6,502pp 3,323pp 5,702pp 2,573pp 4,702pp
3 2,388pp 4,508pp 2,355pp 4,441pp 2,322pp 4,408pp 2,272pp 3,858pp 1,772pp 3,191pp
4 1,853pp 3,450pp 1,828pp 3,400pp 1,803pp 3,375pp 1,753pp 2,950pp 1,378pp 2,450pp
5 1,531pp 2,812pp 1,511pp 2,772pp 1,491pp 2,752pp 1,441pp 2,402pp 1,141pp 2,002pp
6 1,348pp 2,451pp 1,332pp 2,418pp 1,315pp 2,401pp 1,265pp 2,101pp 1,015pp 1,768pp
7 1,191pp 2,141pp 1,177pp 2,112pp 1,163pp 2,098pp 1,113pp 1,833pp 898pp 1,548pp
8 1,073pp 1,908pp 1,061pp 1,883pp 1,048pp 1,870pp 998pp 1,633pp 811pp 1,383pp
9 981pp 1,725pp 970pp 1,702pp 959pp 1,691pp 909pp 1,475pp 742pp 1,252pp
10 907pp 1,578pp 897pp 1,558pp 887pp 1,548pp 837pp 1,348pp 687pp 1,148pp
Accommodation only   6,240 12,340 6,140 12,140 6,040 12,040 6,040 10,540 4,540 8,540
  No of people 6 October 13 October 20 October
Ginesta 7 14 7 14 7 14
2 2,323pp 4,352pp 2,223pp 4,252pp 2,223pp SOLD
3 1,605pp 2,958pp 1,538pp 2,891pp 1,538pp SOLD
4 1,253pp 2,275pp 1,203pp 2,225pp 1,203pp SOLD
5 1,041pp 1,862pp 1,001pp 1,822pp 1,001pp SOLD
6 932pp 1,651pp 898pp 1,618pp 898pp SOLD
7 827pp 1,448pp 798pp 1,419pp 798pp SOLD
8 748pp 1,295pp 723pp 1,270pp 723pp SOLD
9 686pp 1,175pp 664pp 1,152pp 664pp SOLD
10 637pp 1,078pp 617pp 1,058pp 617pp SOLD
Accommodation only   4,040 7,840 3,840 7,640 3,840 SOLD

†  Flight availability is limited on your chosen dates.

Please call us for assistance with your holiday on 020 8392 5872.

Flight supplements may be applicable depending on availability and departure airport.

We can offer departures from any UK airport to Palma. Please call us for details.

If applicable, the car hire category included in the price is as follows:

2-3 guests 1 Group A2
4 guests 1 Group B
5 guests 1 Group C
6 guests 2 Group A
7 guests 1 Group A and 1 Group B
8 guests 2 Group B


Booking Conditions


  • Prices are in pounds sterling and are per person
  • Accommodation only for the guests named on your invoice
  • Return economy flights from the UK to your destination (flight supplements may be applicable depending on availability)
  • Government and local taxes, excluding visa charges
  • An air-conditioned car or return transfers, as specified in the property details
  • The assistance of our local representative overseas
  • Simpson information book in your accommodation
  • If Accommodation Only is selected, then flights, car or return transfers are not included in the price


  • Any breakages, damage, losses, extra cleaning or outstanding accounts incurred during your stay
  • Visas
  • Holiday travel insurance
  • Twin-centre holidays: a £25-70 per person administration fee is applicable

Full protection is guaranteed when you book a package with us. Our holidays are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority under the Air Tour Organisers Licence (ATOL Licence 5858) and by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA Membership W5698). 

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office provides up-to-date travel information to help British travellers make informed decisions about travelling abroad. Should you wish to check their advice or information about the destination you are travelling to, please visit their website: or call 020 7008 1500.

For most of our self-catering accommodation we are able to offer accommodation only prices (excluding flights, car hire and transfers). Restrictions may apply at certain times of the year.

Children aged 2-11 years are eligible for concessions of between 5%-25% of the holiday price. This is offered at most of our self-catering properties depending on departure dates. High season dates are excluded. Two full paying adults must be travelling in order for child discounts to apply. For further information please call our sales consultants.

There is a charge of £75 per infant (under 2 years) on all our holidays. Travel cots and highchairs are provided free of charge in our self-catering properties, however, some hotels may charge for these items and we will advise you of any extra costs at the time of booking. Many hotels offer reduced rates for children if they share the same room as their parents.

In order to allow you to co-ordinate your holiday arrangements with friends and family, in many cases we are able to hold an option for up to 24 hours before confirming your booking.

In order to confirm your booking a deposit of £225 per person is required unless you are booking accommodation only in which case 30% of the total holiday cost is required. However, if we need to buy in flight seats especially for your booking, we will ask you to pay a higher deposit to include the cost of the flights. This payment is non-refundable. The balance payment for your holiday should be paid at least 10 weeks prior to your departure. We accept most debit cards and credit cards, and personal cheques. All payments made by credit card will be subject to a 1.25% charge* reflecting our incurred costs. (*American Express is subject to a 2% charge.) Multi-centre holidays incur a £25-70 per person administration fee.

Please familiarise yourself with our full booking terms including our cancellation policy here.

It is compulsory that all our guests have comprehensive travel insurance and we will need full details of your policy at the time of booking or before you travel.

Your travel documents are available to download and print 2 weeks prior to departure provided you have paid in full, completed and submitted Advanced Passenger Information and car hire details (if applicable). Please note if you are travelling with Ryan Air you will only be able to download your boarding passes approximately 7 days before departure due to the airline's check-in requirements. Should you prefer to receive your documents by post, please ask us at the time of booking.

It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and any necessary visas. EU citizens do not need a visa to travel to Spain. If you are a non-EU citizen then you should check with your own embassy for the entry/re-entry requirements necessary for your journey. Children not on an accompanying parent’s passport before October 1998 are now required to hold their own passport if they are under 16 years. If you do not have a passport, it is recommended to apply at least 6 weeks before your holiday. Passports should be valid for 6 months after your return date.

Most charter airlines allow 20kg of luggage per person (excluding infants); however it is becoming more common for airlines to change their restrictions on luggage weight and the number of items. Before travelling, we recommend you check your itinerary for details and check with the airline’s website if travelling on a non-charter flight.

If the airline you are travelling with offers in-flight meals, requests for special meals may be made up to 14 days prior to departure. Whilst we will always pass your request onto the airline, we are unable to guarantee supply. Charges may apply and we will confirm these to you at the time of booking.

Some airlines offer passengers the opportunity of pre-booking guaranteed seats together at a pre-paid supplement (seats may be situated either side of an aisle) and some offer seating with extra legroom for a reasonable supplement. Availability and supplements can be advised at the time of booking.

You will usually need a certificate of fitness to fly if you are more than 28 weeks pregnant. Most airlines will not allow you to fly if you are more than 32 weeks pregnant. Please refer to the airline’s website for details of their policy.

Most countries require that the airline take additional information from each passenger such as full name, date and place of birth, passport number, country of issue and expiry date. You will need to provide this information at the time of booking or, at the very latest, prior to release of your travel documents. You are able to complete the details online via Manage My Booking or call a member of our Pre-Departure team.

The name shown on the itinerary must exactly match the name of the passenger travelling as it appears in his/her passport (first full name and surname). If not, you may be refused boarding. Once your flights have been booked, it is not usually possible to make name changes without incurring substantial charges. If there are any errors on your invoice or itinerary, please inform us immediately.

In the event of a flight delay, whenever possible we will ensure that the airline/operator communicates the reasons for and extent of any delay and implements appropriate standards of welfare provision. EU carriers should also comply with EU Regulation 261/2004 in the event of delays, cancellations or denied boarding and guidance is provided on the CAA’s website

Most of our holidays include an air-conditioned hire car, to be collected from and returned to the airport. The category of car included in the basic holiday price will vary according to the number of people in your party. We do not consider infants as part of the total party size. The cars we have included offer comfortable seating for the size of party travelling, however, we do ask you to take into account the size of the boot space for your luggage if any infants are in your party, and the number of child and baby seats required. You may wish to upgrade your car to give you extra comfort and space. Availability and supplements for upgrading will be advised at the time of booking. For transporting extra luggage it is also possible to pre-book a taxi at additional cost.

The types of cars listed are only examples of car models in each category. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a specific make or model.

Mallorca Car Makes & Models

Group A2: Peugeot 108 1.2L 5 doors or similar - a/c 4 seats
Group B2: Peugeot 208 1.2L 5 doors or similar - a/c 5 seats
Group C: Peugeot 308 1.4L 5 doors or similar - a/c 5 seats
Group C1: Peugeot 308 1.6L 5 doors or similar - a/c 5 seats
Group D: Citroën Berlingo 1.4L 5 doors or similar - a/c 5 seats
Group D1: Citroen C4 Picasso 1.6L D 5 doors or similar - a/c 5 seats - automatic
Group D2: Citroen Grand C4 Picasso or similar - a/c 5-7 seats - automatic
Group E: Fiat Scudo 1.6L 5 doors or similar - a/c 8 seats
Group E1: Fiat Scudo 1.6L 5 doors or similar - a/c 9 seats 


  • Unlimited mileage
  • Local taxes and fully comprehensive insurance
  • Two main drivers. Please note that the minimum age for drivers is 21 years, although there is no maximum age limit. Drivers must hold a British/EU Driver’s Licence or International Driver’s Licence, held for at least 2 years. You will not be able to hire a car without your original, valid Driver’s Licence which you must carry at all times when you are driving.


All our cars include full comprehensive insurance with no excess charge. Please note that unlike other destinations the undercarriage, tyres and windscreen are covered by the insurance.

Please note, as standard practice, no cover is available on hire vehicles for:

  • Personal Accident Insurance (this should be covered by your personal travel insurance)
  • Loss of or damage to car keys (and costs incurred due to this, for example towing and replacement keys, etc.)
  • Any damage, loss, accident, theft, attempted theft, etc. caused by your own negligence, for example, driving under the influence of alcohol, unlawful driving, driving off-road, using the wrong type of fuel, unlocked doors, apparent personal effects, etc.

The car hire agents will require you to lodge a credit card deposit when you collect your car. No money will be taken if you return the undamaged car at the correct time with the correct amount of fuel.

Child and baby seats (forward facing seats only are available) can be provided if booked at least 2 weeks prior to your departure and are charged at £26 per week. Please remember to specify the age of the child. Local car hire and Simpson Travel staff are not authorised to install the child seats and as style and installation may differ to those in the UK, you may prefer to bring your own child seat for your own peace of mind.

Please refer to the information at the top of the page for details of the transfers included in the cost of your holiday. Taxis are licensed and insured to carry up to 4 passengers. Therefore, if there are 4 passengers and an infant then 2 taxis are needed and we will provide you with a separate quotation. Child seats are provided for transfers. For your own peace of mind, we recommend that you bring your own although there is no guarantee that local taxi companies will allow the use of child seats. Please note that the transfer times included in our accommodation details are approximate estimates only and do not include any waiting time. 



Air-conditioning and heating 
We have indicated in the property descriptions which accommodation has air-conditioning included in the holiday price. Heating is available in some of our properties during the low season weeks, which is normally included in the holiday price.

Animals and wildlife
As in all rural communities, indigenous animals are an essential part of the way of life. The braying of a donkey, crow of a cockerel or the barking of a dog is not a complaint that receives much sympathy from the locals! Care should be taken to minimise the presence of insects and animals in your accommodation. Keep surfaces clean, dispose of refuse regularly and ensure that food is not left uncovered. Cats and dogs are often resident where an owner or manager lives on the property. If you are allergic to cats and/or dogs please ensure that you check the suitability of your chosen accommodation with us prior to confirming your booking.

We have specified if a barbecue is available at your accommodation. Please note that often in summer, due to the hot weather, use of your barbecue may not be allowed and/or strict rules for its use may apply. The local or national government reserves the right to introduce new rulings at any time, often with little prior notice, prohibiting the use of barbecues to reduce the risk of fires. Where a barbecue is not provided, it is usually because the surroundings are considered a fire risk or inappropriate for the use of barbecues.

Beach/pool towels
We provide Simpson Travel beach/pool towels in all our self-catering properties and Simpson Hotels, and these are normally laundered weekly. 

Please note that a double bed could be two single beds placed together. If you are booking a hotel room, please let us know your room preference (double or twin). Although we will make every effort to convey your request to the hotel, we cannot guarantee your preference will be available.

Check-in and check-out
You will usually be able to occupy your villa or apartment after 4pm and you must vacate it on the day of departure by 10am. Most of our hotels follow common practice with regard to check-in and check-out times (around midday); however some have later check-in times between 3pm and 5pm. Cleaning Self-catering accommodation is cleaned a minimum of twice a week (including arrival day) and some accommodation may be cleaned more often. Cleaning usually consists of a sweep, mop, bathroom and kitchen tidy up.

Distances and timings
Please note that all walking and driving times stated are approximate estimates only. Transfer times are also approximate estimates only and do not include any waiting time.

Hotel bookings with half-board include dinner, which is usually a fixed menu with or without a choice of dishes. In some hotels, you may take your half-board meal at lunchtime.

Health and safety
Simpson Travel is committed to raising the standards of health and safety throughout all our destinations. Our guests’ safety and wellbeing is of the highest importance to us. However, please note that since many of our properties are private homes, it is not always possible to meet the same exacting standards as in the UK. In your accommodation we will provide any necessary health and safety information. We ask you to familiarise yourself with this information and the property on arrival, particularly when travelling with children, and to raise any concerns with your local representative.

Internet access and wifi
Internet access and wifi is available when stated in the relevant accommodation description details. Please note there may be restrictions with the availability and speed of the service transmitted by the local provider and technical issues may cause temporary withdrawal of internet facilities. We are unable to accept responsibility for any down time or consequences of using this service and refund/compensation cannot be offered due to circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions.

Linen and laundry
Bed and bathroom linen is provided and usually laundered once a week. For your convenience some of our properties have a washing machine.

Noise and building works
Traffic, farm work, roadwork, animals and other sounds form part of everyday life, however, what constitutes ‘noise’ to one person may not be a problem for another. Please let us know if you have any special needs regarding this. Occasionally, building work is unavoidable as we do not control such work and may not know about it in advance. Whenever possible, we will notify you of any work that we believe may affect your holiday.

Only guests named on your invoice are entitled to occupy the accommodation .

Satellite television
We cannot guarantee that a full selection of satellite channels will be available. Channels in English may be very limited and these are often only CNN or BBC World.

Seasonal facilities
Some facilities are subject to weather conditions and the general season, for example swimming pools, restaurant terraces, pool bars, local restaurants, and they may be limited or unavailable at the beginning or end of the season. Please do not hesitate to check with us, should a particular facility be a necessity to you.

Security and cleaning deposits
For self-catering properties, we require you to lodge a security deposit against any breakages, damage, losses, extra cleaning or outstanding accounts, which you may have incurred during your stay and/or due to your negligence. This should be provided by credit or debit card at the time of booking by providing authorisation for us to deduct (within 14 days of your return home) any advised charges from your card. Most of our properties are the owners’ personal homes and repairs, replacements and extra cleaning can be very expensive, so we do ask you to take care in order to avoid incurring extra costs.

Swimming pools
Swimming pool details are given on our website. Pool dimensions are approximate only and, unless specified otherwise, pools are freshwater and unheated. Dates when pools are operational are subject to the prevailing weather conditions at the time of opening and closing and we cannot be held responsible if poor weather means the pool is opened later, or is closed earlier in the season. Upon arrival at your accommodation, we kindly ask you to acquaint yourselves with the pool’s safety and hygiene rules.

Very few pools have covers, fencing or life rings, so children must be supervised at all times. Some pools are ‘infinity pools’ which have an exposed pool edge with an unprotected drop. This maximises views and is an attractive feature of the pool. We recommend that children are supervised and that you do not sit, lean or walk on the unprotected edge.

Villa owners
Whilst the owners or staff of some properties may live on site and tend to the grounds, they are aware that you value your privacy, and will do their best not to intrude. We do ask you, however, to allow them reasonable access to the property so that they can maintain the grounds and keep them in good order.

Welcome Pack
We offer a welcome pack in all our self-catering accommodation consisting of a small selection of staple items and local produce. This usually includes the following complimentary items: coffee, tea bags, milk, bottled water, fruit juice, bread, wine, local beer, pasta, pasta sauce, regional biscuits, savoury snacks, washing powder, washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, washing-up sponge, salt and pepper, sugar, vegetable or olive oil, vinegar, mixed herbs and toilet paper.