Luxury Venice Holidays 2017

It’s home to one of the world’s most famous carnivals, but Venice doesn’t limit its magnificent theatrical impact to masks and costumes. From the distinctive Murano glass to the grandeur of St Mark’s Square, lined with 18th-century coffee houses and the beautiful basilica, this opulent destination opens the doors to a luxury holiday like no other. And in its tranquil waterways, food and wine and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of its lagoon and islands, there’s even more to love. For more information on The Floating City, take a look at our guide.

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Eternal romance

Huddled away at the Adriatic’s northern-most reaches lies a city of breathtaking romance and enchantment; of intrigue and magic and of a beautiful, gently decaying architecture unrivalled anywhere in Europe – perhaps even the world.

Venice’s settlers happened upon their aqua lagoon and its unique cluster of islands while fleeing Barbarian hoards – and their new home has been enjoying magnetic appeal ever since.

Here is a city that rose to become the most powerful in Europe during the Middle Ages – and whose grip on the imagination has never faded. Today, though, it’s tourism that the ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ is fluttering her eyelashes at. And she seduces, without fail.

A city built on water

Is Venice defined by its cluster of 117 small islands or is it the famous canals woven intricately between them that carve out the true character of this inimitable place?

Peppered with gondolas, arched with ornate bridges and lined with the faded pink and ochre hues of timeless buildings, the waterways of ‘the floating city’ are truly its roads and highways – unchanged since the city was first built upon the wooden piles that hold her head above water (just about) to this day.

The Venetian Lagoon and many of its islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering protection to a city that has long battled against the elements. And it’s easy to see why.