Luxury Liguria Holidays 2017

Rewarding travellers with coastal towns, sandy beaches and quiet harbours tucked away in rocky coves, the Italian Riviera offers more than a wonderfully mild climate. It’s also a destination of memorable day trips and incredible views.

East of Genoa’s palaces and exquisite old town lies the Gulf of Poets and the perfectly pastel (and perfectly balanced) villages of the Cinque Terre. Together with upmarket Portofino and picture-postcard towns like Portovenere, you’ll find a uniquely different holiday by the sea. To find out more about Liguria, take a look at our guide.

And to complete the picture, take a look at Casa dei Limoni, our lovely, handpicked Liguria villa.

A land of contrasts

Liguria, also known as the Italian Riviera, is a natural beauty, its impressive mountains vying for attention with valleys full of flowers; abundant local produce celebrated in numerous festivals. And by the sea, upmarket towns, elegant promenades and 25 Blue Flag beaches alternate with natural harbours, worn into the coastline over centuries. In the middle of this curving coastline sits the historical port of Genoa. Known as ‘La Superba’, it was once central to the Mediterranean’s most powerful maritime republic. On one side is the Western Riviera, home to resorts such as Sanremo. Head east and, nearer our villa, you’ll find the stunning Cinque Terre, Portofino and the Gulf of Poets.

From Rubens to Renzo in Genoa

Alongside Genoa’s more contemporary architecture, the ancient buildings and narrow alleyways (carruggi) of its old town present a captivating contrast. Discover the 16th-century Palazzi dei Rolli, one of the spectacular Renaissance palaces on the Strada Nuova, a World Heritage Site: itself a work of art even before you add museum showcases and paintings by the likes of Rubens, Van Dyck and Durer.

Designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, Genoa’s aquarium impresses even before you meet the inhabitants of its enormous viewing pools. Wander around and you’ll see dolphins, seals, sharks and an array of technicoloured fish in close-up.