Frequently Asked Questions
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What currency should I take to Turkey?
You get the best exchange rate if you take sterling out with you and change it in local banks.  Alternatively most of the resorts we go to also have cash point machines.  You do not need to take Euros as you will get a better exchange rate for Sterling. There are also cash machines just outside the airport on arrival at Dalaman. 

I am travelling to Turkey. Do I need a visa?
British passport holders travelling to Turkey require a tourist visa. The visa can be issued via the Turkish Electronic Visa Application System at the following website and is charged at $20 USD. You will need your passport details and a debit/credit card to make payment. The Turkish authorities have extended the period which visas can be obtained at arrival airports and they can be purchased at Turkish airports until the end of 2014 and the cost is £20 GBP. If you do not hold a British passport then you can check visa requirements on or with your own embassy for the entry/re-entry requirements necessary for your journey. Please note that passports need to be valid for 6 months or more from your return date to the UK.  If you do not have a passport, it is recommended to apply at least six weeks before your holiday.

Do I need to provide my passport details for our flight?
All airlines departing from the UK require Advance Passenger Information (API) including full name, date of birth, passport number, validity and expiry date, place of issue and nationality. Please visit our Manage My Booking facility to submit your details, alternatively, you can email or call 020 8392 5747.
I have submitted my passport and/or driver details through Manage My Booking but have made a mistake.
If you have made a mistake this can be changed by logging into Manage My Booking and updating your details. If you need to make a change to one of your party’s name, this will need to be made by our Client Services team who can be contacted on 020 8392 5747 or by email

I have submitted my passport and/or driver details through Manage My Booking but have made a mistake.
If you have made a mistake this can be changed by logging into Manage My Booking and updating your details. If you need to make a change to one of your party’s name, this will need to be made by our Client Services team who can be contacted on 020 8392 5747 or by email

I don’t seem to have a flight confirmation to hand in at check-in.
For all clients travelling on a charter flight, your Simpson Travel itinerary will act as your flight ticket, car and accommodation voucher. Please ensure that you retain the itinerary once you have checked-in for use on your return flight. If you are travelling on a scheduled flight, you will be provided with a flight confirmation specific to that airline.

Which terminal am I flying from?
The terminal is stated on your itinerary which will be available on the Manage My Booking facility two weeks prior to your departure. In addition to this you can view the terminal for each flight within this FAQ document.

I need airport assistance; can you arrange this for me?
Yes. Under European Law, if you are disabled or have mobility difficulties, you can receive assistance when you fly. This free service is available to anyone with mobility problems due to disability, age or a temporary injury. To take full advantage of this service you need to inform us of your requirements at least 48 hours in advance of your outbound flight. We recommend that you check the appropriate airport website if you wish to view airport layouts.

Can I check-in online for my flight with EasyJet?
Easyjet now require all passengers to check-in online within 30 days of departure. We will do this for you but, in order to do so, we ask that your passport details are completed via our Manage My Booking system.  We will then make your boarding passes available, along with the rest of your travel documentation.

I am travelling with British Airways.  Is it possible to check-in online prior to departure?
Unfortunately not. In most instances these flights have been chartered by Simpson Travel or the flight seats have been bought from a third party.  We do this to keep the cost of your airline seat as low as possible. Rest assured, however, that for the majority of our BA flights we are pre-seating all passengers.  
Unfortunately BA do not offer lounge access on these charter flights.
Where should I check-in at London Heathrow?
British Airways operate from Terminal 5.  Charter flights will appear on airport information boards so please check these upon arrival at the airport for your check-in desk. Alternatively, you can use the self-service check-in kiosks, which are discussed in more detail below.

Can I use the check-in kiosks at Heathrow?
Passengers flying out of Heathrow Terminal 5 who have provided full Advanced Passenger Information can use the self-service kiosks to check in. First enter the flight number shown on your itinerary, please note the keypads are numeric only so letters are to be ignored. Then scan your passports, if any children are in the party, make sure to scan an adult passport first. If you are unable to check in at the kiosk or would prefer not to, passengers can use check-in desks on Zone B/G. Parties of 10 or more (including infants) will most likely find it easier to check in at a desk, as the kiosks can only accommodate 9 passengers at a time.

At Heathrow our representative can be found in zone D.  Look out for the Simpson Travel clipboard!

What is my luggage allowance?
If you are travelling on one of our British Airways flights your allowance is 23kg for hold luggage and 10kg for infants. If you are travelling on one of our other chartered or scheduled flights, your luggage allowance is shown on your itinerary and is normally 20kgs. However, your hold luggage allowance can vary for scheduled and ‘no-frills’ airlines. Please see the airline’s website or contact us if you need further details on 020 8392 5747.

What is my hand luggage allowance?
For our British Airways flights the hand luggage allowance is 5kg. Weight and size restrictions for hand luggage on scheduled and ‘no-frills’ airlines can vary. Please see the respective airline's website for clarification. There are also restrictions on liquids and gels that can be carried on board and these are explained at Liquids/cosmetics are only allowed in 100ml bottles or less and they must be comfortably packed in a clear sealed bag provided by the airport authorities. This should be carried separately through the X-ray machines; however it should also be able to fit into your one piece of hand luggage. No sharp objects are allowed in your hand luggage.

What should I do if members of my party are flying at different times or from different airports?
If your party members are flying from various airports please ensure that each group travelling on each flight has their own copy of the travel itinerary or flight confirmation specific to the airline.

Are meals included in the cost of my flights?
Please see below for further details.

Flight and terminal details
Gatwick-Zakynthos (EasyJet – Flight number EZY 8745/6) 
Depart 0840 Arrive 1410
Depart 1450 Arrive 1625
Snacks can be purchased on board
Gatwick North Terminal
Heathrow-Corfu (British Airways - Flight number BA9126/7) 
Depart 0715 Arrive 1230
Depart 1320 Arrive 1435
British Airways offer a buy on board service
Heathrow Terminal 5
Gatwick-Chania, Crete (Easyjet - Flight number EZY 8781/2) 
Depart 0815 Arrive 1410
Depart 1440 Arrive1635
Snacks can be purchased on board
Gatwick North Terminal
Gatwick-Kefalonia (Air Germania - Flight number ST2722/3)
Depart O925 Arrive 1440
Depart 1525 Arrive 1700
Hot meal & soft drink provided on board
Gatwick South Terminal
Heathrow-Preveza (British Airways - Flight number BA9130/1)
Depart 0940 Arrive 1515
Depart 1625 Arrive 1745
British Airways offer a buy on board service
Heathrow Terminal 5
Gatwick-Preveza (Easyjet - Flight number EZY8369/70)
Depart 0710 Arrive 1230
Depart 1310 Arrive 1435
Easyjet offer a buy on board service
North Terminal
Gatwick-Skiathos - for Skopelos (Air Germania - Flight number ST2610/1) 
Depart 0550 Arrive 1135
Depart 1225 Arrive 1530
Inbound flight operates via Thessaloniki for re-fueling
Hot meal & soft drink provided on board  
Gatwick South Terminal

Heathrow-Figari (Easyjet - Flight number EZA9248/9) 
Depart 0805 Arrive 1130
Depart 1210 Arrive 1335
Easyjet offer a buy on board service
Heathrow Terminal 5
Gatwick-Figari (Easyjet - Flight number EZY8039/40) 
Depart 0815 Arrive 1140
Depart 1210 Arrive 1330
Easyjet offer a buy on board service
North Terminal
Gatwick-Bastia (Easyjet - Flight number EZY8735/6) 
Depart 0610 Arrive 0925
Depart 1005 Arrive 1115
Easyjet offer a buy on board service
North Terminal

When is my balance due?
Your balance is due 10 weeks before departure.  You can pay this online by using our Manage My Booking facility or alternatively call us on 0208 392 5747.

If I pay my balance by credit card is there a charge?
There is a 1.25% charge on credit cards and 2% charge on American Express.  Please note there is no charge on debit cards/Switch Maestro card.

Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes. Please call 020 8392 5747 and our Client Services team will be able to inform you of our bank details.

Do I need vouchers for my transfer?
No. Your itinerary will act as your transfer voucher. You will be met upon arrival by one of the Simpson Travel team or by a driver holding a board with your name displayed.

Will I receive a car hire voucher?
No. Your itinerary will act as your car hire voucher. We allow up to two drivers to drive a hire car. Upon collection of your hire car anyone wishing to drive needs to present their driver’s licence. Please note you must be over the age of 21 years of age and have held a full licence for over two years.

Will I receive luggage labels for my holiday?
We do have luggage labels available. If you would like to receive some please email with your booking reference number.

I have booked a car/booster seat, will this show on my itinerary?
Yes. This will show on your itinerary and it will also be stated on your invoice.
I have moved house. Can I inform you of our new address details?
Yes. Please email or call us on 020 8392 5747 and we will update your details for you.

Can you assist me with airport parking and an overnight hotel?
Yes. Simpson Travel can book a range of car parking and hotel options for you at competitive rates. Please call our Client Services team on 020 8392 5747 who will be happy to provide you with parking options and rates. Alternatively, click here to search for suitable options.

Do you provide a welcome pack?
Our self-catering accommodation price includes a welcome pack.

Do you provide towels in the villas?
Yes. In all our self-catering accommodation we provide bath towels and beach/pool towels.

When can I check-in to my villa?
Your check-in time is stated on your arrival/driving directions, however it is normally from 4pm.

When do I need to check-out of the villa?
The check-out time is normally at 10am.  Please check your arrival/driving instructions.

Do you provide hairdryers/irons in the villas?
All our properties vary in terms of equipment provided. However, hairdryers and irons are provided in all our self-catering accommodation. If you have any specific questions about equipment (e.g. CD and DVD players, safes, etc.), please refer to the description on our website or call us before you travel on 020 8392 5747.

Can I have extra guests stay in my villa?
Yes, however you must declare additional guests and pay the applicable charges for insurance purposes.  Please contact our sales team on 020 8392 5858.

Can I join you on Facebook?
Yes. Please click here to join our page.

Can you provide cots and high chairs in the villas?
Yes. We provide these free of charge. Please contact our Client Services team who will arrange this for you. Note you will be required to take your own cot linen as we do not provide this.

Can I take my pushchair on holiday?
Airlines allow you to take pushchairs and buggies free of charge up the doors/steps of the aircraft. Most airline carriers allow infants to have a luggage allowance up to 10kgs, however, please check with us or the airline before you travel if you are in any doubt.

Can I pre-book seats on the aircraft?
For the majority of our British Airways flights we pre-seat all passengers. British Airways flights have a small allocation of extra legroom seats; these cost £40 per person return and are subject to availability. Easyjet and Air Germania will also allow you to pre-book standard and extra legroom seats. Please contact our Client Services team for prices and availability.