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A royal honeymoon in a luxury Corfu villa

Well, with all the recent speculation of where the royal honeymoon was going to be, I’d like to throw in my two pennyworth.

Firstly, it was interesting that William and Catherine delayed their departure – very sensible in my opinion, but it got me thinking that their chosen destination would be Europe as the longer they waited the better the weather.  I was even so bold as to suggest it could be Corfu.  Why Corfu?  You may well ask but let me tell you that this beautiful island has long been popular with various members of the Royal family (Prince Philip was born here), especially the north east (Gerald and Lawrence Durrell lived here) and there are some absolutely stunning luxury villas in Corfu not least the Rothschild Estate where a friend of mine was employed as a chef and saw the comings and goings of several members of the Royal family plus some fairly high profile politicians and a regular trickle of A-listers!

Atlikos 300x188 A royal honeymoon in a luxury Corfu villa

Honeymoon villa, Atolikos House, Corfu

Anyway, rumour was rife on this delightful island that Corfu was the chosen spot and that a Corfu villa awaited our special couple – there was even a TV crew from the States sniffing around!  Well it was not to be with the happy couple choosing the Seychelles as their honeymoon destination.  

However, a nice little story to finish with – a very good friend of mine lives on Paxos part of the year (that’s Corfu’s tiny neighbouring island where we have our house).  He’s an artist and lives on the west coast of the island not far from us where there is only a scattering of houses.  The position of his house is second to none overlooking a small bay with a white pebble beach and accessed only by a steep twisting rough path or by boat – it’s a Paxos secret.  One very hot August afternoon he was painting in his studio, which happens to be alongside the path from the beach, when he spotted a couple of red-faced chaps scrambling up the path.  His first thought was ‘mad dogs and Englishmen’ – so he popped out of his studio to offer them some water and to explain that the path went nowhere.  A brief conversation ensued, the young men were suitably grateful for the refreshment and made their way back down to the beach to what was obviously their rather magnificent Gin Palace of a boat.  It was only after they had gone that the penny finally dropped and my Greek friend realised that the younger of the two was Prince William!

paxos A royal honeymoon in a luxury Corfu villa

Prince William’s beach, Paxos


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