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Couples, Turkey

Take A Romantic Moment In Turkey

Allow this beautiful country to play cupid and indulge yourself in some of its most sensual pleasures.

Like every magical relationship, our destinations have something special about them, something uniquely lovable. Our carefully chosen locations in Turkey, with their sleepy villages, dramatic scenery, gentle nightlife, and beautiful beaches stand out in a crowd and we’d like to introduce you to some of their most beguiling features – and the places to stay to enjoy them.

AKYAKAcleaopatra island
Recreate Cleopatra’s historic romance 

It is said that a smitten Mark Antony arranged for vast quantities of pure white sand to be transported to this beautiful island to create a paradise rendez-vous for his lover Cleopatra. The rare sand is actually made up of tiny shells and, as protected ground, it’s a tantalising case of look but don’t touch. However, you can take your partner by the hand and wander through the olive groves and take a dip in the pale turquoise waters to cool off.

Cleopatra’s island is a 30-minute boat trip from Camlı, a half-hour drive from Akyaka. The island is also included in many Akyaka boat trips.

Kadin-Azmak-RiverMagic on the riverbank
Among trees strung with fairy lights, dine away an evening with the gentle sounds of Akyaka’s Kadın Azmak River playing out as your after-dark soundtrack. The town’s riverside fish restaurants are renowned, not just for the romance of your dining location (on a platform over the river) but also for the quality of the traditional rustic menu. However, this is a place where it pays not to be spontaneous – book ahead for the best tables.

The Azmak River runs along the side of the town – it’s easy to find, ensuring your romantic evening remains effortless.


The little village that sparkles gently
The boutique fishing village of Selimiye welcomes couples with open arms. A popular harbour for visiting yachts, it has evolved gently without losing any of its charm. Explore art and craft shops alongside stores selling fresh figs and almonds or take an evening stroll along the wooden boardwalk. It sparkles with upmarket cocktail bars and tempting seafood restaurants and, after a satisfying dinner, you can look forward to a stroll home in the moonlight.

If you’re not arriving by water, Selimiye is less than half an hour’s drive from Bozburun town.

horses-in-TaslicaTaşlıca’s sleepy beauty spots
There’s a wonderful reward to be found in going to the end of the road together. Taşlıca is the last village on the Bozburun Peninsula that you can reach by car and the stunning views as you drive above Söğüt and from the village itself make the journey worthwhile. It’s a place to slow down and let the easy pace of life enfold you, as you sip çay (tea) in the village cafe. From your rural outpost, you might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Taşlıca horses.

Taşlıca is a half-hour drive from Bozburun town.


The ruins, the riding and the rush
It may be that sunning yourself on the sands of Patara and turtle spotting are all you want to do (and sunset there is second to none), but there’s more for the adventurous spirit. From the local stables, you can ride down to the beach through the impressive ruins that lie behind it, feeling just a little bit like a conquering hero. Then take a gallop along the shoreline for an exhilarating adrenaline rush that makes you happy to be alive.

rooftop-kalkanSoak up Kalkan by night
From the avenue of laid-back restaurants with their big sofas and lounge-bar vibe to the town’s narrow, bohemian streets and exciting little boutiques, Kalkan can bring out the youthful side in everyone: the willingness to explore and discover together. Climb a narrow staircase up to one of the famous rooftop restaurants to sample some creative Turkish cuisine and breathe in the sociable buzz from the streets below.

Kalkan and Patara Beach is about a 90-minute drive from Dalaman airport.

pinaraShare space with the goddess of love
Worshippers of Aphrodite once gathered in Pinara to show their devotion to the goddess and her temple remains a place of pilgrimage for those inspired to find it. Set in the foothills of the mountains in a beautiful natural setting, this ancient site is off the beaten tourist track and you’re likely to be the only ones there.

Pinara is a 30-minute drive from Kalkan.

Explore the Lycian Trail
Conversation takes many interesting turns when you’re just wandering. You can pick up the Lycian Trail near Islamlar and launch yourself into its beautiful scenery with wonderful views. Enjoy the flowers in spring and cooler temperatures or just head off the beaten track in the loveliness of the unfamiliar. For lunch, we suggest stopping off in one of the village’s renowned trout restaurants.

Islamlar is a 15-minute drive from Kalkan.


Venture into the ghostly townscape of Kayaköy
Deep in unspoilt countryside, the ruins of Kayaköy have become an evocative ‘ghost village’ – an iconic image representing the maelstrom that struck during the break-up of the Ottoman Empire. Amongst the fig and pine trees, the roofless houses and abandoned chapels bring the senses to life – an atmospheric moment best shared.

Kayaköy is just 15 minutes from Fethiye.

gulletTake to the water
By day, it’s a spectacular way to explore the lovely coastline, but as the sun goes down and the stars come out to play, setting sail on a traditional wooden gulet opens up a world of romantic possibilities. Take an evening dip and dinner will be provided before you’re homeward bound across the sea.

We still have some stunning villas for couples still available in July and August. They’re all great value, with the possibility of further reductions on the prices shown.



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